We are experts in writing and designing e-newsletters for a wide range of business to business sectors

Our clients find that our e-newsletters are one of their main sources of generating new sales enquiries, as well as keeping customers up to date with new products, services and developments within the organisation.

E-newsletters are also a great way to tie your PR and social media strategies into direct marketing campaigns.

Our design team will create an email newsletter that reflects your corporate branding and we can track recipients who have opened them and which stories they have clicked through to.  This is invaluable market intelligence and could potentially create warm leads for your business development team.

Our copywriters and PR experts will research stories, interview customers, create case studies and take photographs to ensure that your email newsletters are always lively, engaging and well received by the target audience.

Studies show that professional e-marketing gives a

4300%* return on investment

* Direct Marketing Association


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