Cement Plant Helps Residents of Sterndale Moor

A cement plant at Tunstead near Buxton has donated £200 to Residents of Sterndale Moor in Derbyshire towards a community access defibrillator and CPR kit.

As a remote and rural community, the lifesaving equipment is vital to the residents of Sterndale Moor, particularly during the winter months when the emergency services are not immediately available.  

Gemma Gilbert and Jamie Stafford, who are members of the community, approached Tarmac for support and the rest of the money has been raised by various other local businesses, who have made donations and offered their services to aid with the installation of the defibrillator. Residents have also contributed to the funds via social media and letter box drop.

Gemma Gilbert, a resident of Sterndale Moor who helped to initiate the fundraising efforts, said: “We are very grateful to Tarmac and the other local businesses and individuals who have donated to enable us to purchase the defibrillator for our small community. Living in such a rural location means we are further away from emergency medical support so it is great to have the reassurance of a defibrillator on our doorstep should anyone need it.”

Sterndale Moor is due to receive the defibrillator from the British Heart Foundation within the next coming weeks.

The defibrillator will be located on the external wall of Sterndale Moor Club, who have also agreed to fund the annual electricity costs and host any training or awareness events. 

Viv Russell, Director of Lime and Powders at Tarmac in Tunstead, said: “It is important to us to work closely within the local community so we were happy to make a donation to Sterndale Moor for this vital piece of lifesaving equipment.”

Tarmac at Tunstead regularly supports its local community, with sponsorships with schools and donations to charities.  The site also hosts a number of school and university visits every year, as well as holding community exhibitions of archive images of quarrying in the local area over the past 100 years.

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