Our company was set up by our senior team who have backgrounds in journalism, business-to-business marketing and website content creation.

It was in the days when local, regional and national newspapers were stronger in circulation and trade magazines were at their peak that Dragonfly PR built a reputation for generating consistent media coverage across all relevant titles.

As online magazines, websites and bloggers became increasingly influential, Dragonfly PR grasped the opportunity to be a pioneer of this in the b2b world.  We established a strong network of contacts across both offline and online magazines and built up a strong client base across the areas of manufacturing, construction, food, rail and technology.

In 2008, social media, such as Twitter and Linkedin, had suddenly started to gain real momentum and businesses were keen to reap the rewards.  We were tasked with managing the social media accounts for many of our b2b clients and this involved creating content calendars and posting and responding to posts, effectively managing their reputations on social media – an exciting new avenue.  Monitoring and evaluating social media analytics became a regular part of our brief and allowed us to extend our services to become a truly integrated agency.  Ten years ago, we recognised that SEO businesses were cropping up everywhere, but some were offering ‘black hat’ techniques which did not fit with our clients’ ethos and values of honesty and integrity. 

We employed our own in-house SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialists, but the work we did was Organic, rather than PPC (Pay per click) and as Google continued to release algorithms that rewarded regular, keyword enriched fresh content added to a website and valued authoritative back links from other websites, we helped our clients’ businesses thrive and flourish online.  This meant that we were able to offer a truly integrated service, with Public Relations, complemented by robust Organic SEO and dedicated Social Media services. 

Our business has gone from strength to strength over the years. We remain here, in the heart of industrial Sheffield, but serving clients both in the UK and internationally. As many of our manufacturing clients have expanded their services overseas, to grow their markets, we have invested in the best international media database and brought in translation experts in technical/trade PR, therefore enabling us to support our clients’ growth on a global scale.

All the time, during our almost 20 year journey, we have remained true to our core values, of producing quality content, delivering consistent results and building long-term relationships, which remain evident throughout everything we do.

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