SEO how to improve your ranking

Here our SEO team looks at why digital marketing should be an integral part of any PR campaign.

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Does PR work?

PR is all about managing reputations, but we are often asked 'does it really work?' Here we look at why choosing to integrate a strong public relations strategy into your marketing plan can deliver world class results.

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Keep it Rollin'...Why Keeping Momentum in your PR Activity is Essential in Uncertain Times

Dragonfly PR Account Manager, Rebecca Hart, explains why it is essential that any business makes PR the highest priority to keep one step ahead of the rest.

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How manufacturing companies can make the most out of Public Relations...

As companies in the industrial sector look to win new customers – and to retain the loyal buyers they have – they need to find ways to keep in front of prospects. Here, our PR team discusses how Public Relations can help manufacturers achieve this goal...

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How do I measure the effectiveness of PR?

How to measure the effectiveness of PR is a question that we often get asked by clients. What most need to know, really, is; does PR work? Here our Public Relations team looks at this in more detail and explains why we set about creating a more transparent method of evaluating the success of our bespoke PR strategies for each of our clients. 

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Why a clever hashtag can be key to making your marketing work well

Here our social media team looks at the importance of using a hashtag in your social media marketing and why thinking outside the box can make all the difference to your campaign.

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Get a great start to your Public Relations and Digital Marketing in 2019!

In our latest blog, we take a look at how you can get more out of your Public Relations, SEO and Content Marketing in 2019.

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How to make your construction PR strategy work harder

Here the Dragonfly PR team summarises some of the main elements to include in an effective PR strategy.

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Why the customer has to be right on social media...

Here our social media team looks at why the customer has to be right on social media

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Timing can be everything in PR

Here our PR team looks at why businesses need to plan ahead when it comes to seasonal and time sensitive campaigns.

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5 PR and digital marketing trends to take note of in 2019

If you're a building product manufacturer, now is time to be thinking ahead and putting together your marketing and communications strategy for next year. So, in order to help you get the best results from your budget, our PR team has put together some predictions for digital marketing trends in 2019 that might help you in the process. 

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Let us plan your PR for 2019 - and get the very best results for your business!

It’s that time of year when we’re planning PR activity for our clients for next year and making sure we keep them one step ahead of the competition. This includes designing new Public Relations strategies and creating forward features schedules for 2019.

Here our PR team looks at why it is important to plan your communications campaigns now.

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Why PR in all its forms is as relevant today as it ever has been

Here our PR team looks at how marketing has changed throughout the years and why good quality written content will never go out of date.

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SEO and why it's increasingly becoming part of the PR agency role

A question we are often asked when pitching for potential new business is 'should we use a separate specialist to take care of our SEO?'.

Our b2b PR team offers their thoughts on the subject and questions whether the days of pure SEO are limited as Google becomes better at identifying and stopping manipulation. 

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What makes a good PR story?

Here, our b2b PR team looks at what makes a good story and gives some tips on getting the best results in the media.

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