We are experts in writing White Papers which position our clients as the experts in their field

We have the skills and expertise within our team to research, write and professionally produce white papers and thought leadership articles on specific subjects. 

Whether that be latest building regulations updates, government guidance on fire regulations, Stage V Emissions Standard, environmental & waste regulations or any other subject affecting business and industry, our content creators have over 20 years’ experience, as well as in-depth sector knowledge and insight in construction, manufacturing and food.

We carry out the research and minimise the amount of time that our clients need to spend on approving this, with a view to achieving right first time.

“Dragonfly PR writes White Papers on our behalf which they produce as professionally designed documents which we can use within presentations or send out to prospective customers.  These are then shared via our e-newsletter and social media channels.  They also negotiate them as exclusive articles into some of the key trade press.  It is all part of an integrated PR and content creation campaign they manage on our behalf.” - Eminox

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