Social media

We plan and implement social media campaigns that engage customers and are designed to generate sales.

Our approach to social media


Develop a strategy

At the outset of the campaign we develop a social media strategy with set goals and agreed evaluation methods, so everything is transparent. This strategy underpins the whole campaign, so results can be monitored and objectives achieved.


Select channels

We review and recommend the social media channels that best reach the people you want to engage with, in line with your objectives. We have the expertise to advise on what works best and what results to expect.


Design a content calendar

We create a content calendar for your business covering all social media channels, with clear themes running throughout. We make use of all available resources to maximise impact, by involving our creative team in producing infographics and videos to complement the campaign.


Agree a methodology

We agree a method of working, whether you would like to approve all the social media posts beforehand, or whether you are happy to give us a free hand once we've proved we understand the tone and substance of posts.


Online reputation management

We manage your reputation online - in real time. We monitor the main social media channels and advise on handling potential conflict or crisis situations. Taking care of your reputation online and offline is our business!


Evaluation & ROI

We continuously monitor and track progress of all your social media channels, presenting you with an in-depth evaluation report on a monthly basis. This includes reporting back on achieving goals and targets.

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