10 reasons to be cheerful!

Last year we compiled a list of reasons to be cheerful 2014 and this year we thought we’d take a look at the reasons to be happy 2015:

1. The economy is on the up!
According to This Is Money editor, Simon Lambert, things are finally starting to pick up in the economy! Simon was recently interviewed by the Daily Mail, where he told of a rise in sales for companies such as Topps Tiles (7% rise) and DFS (13% rise), and an increase in demand for work by tradesmen, signifying that homeowners are now able to spend a bit more money on their homes – which is good news for any business supplying the potentially lucrative renovation market.

2. Continued rise of the internet
We reported in a recent blog that the number of internet users is set to pass a monumental three billion in 2015, making connecting to clients, prospects, family and friends easier than ever before. The increase in the use of internet is expected to reach 42.4% of the world’s population, and is heavily linked to number three on our list:

3. The rise in mobile media
2014 was a big year for mobile internet – usage in the UK increased by 69%, opening up new markets for many businesses. Embracing mobile media has proven to be very beneficial too, with Google currently experimenting by giving mobile friendly websites a ranking boost as a thank you for providing a positive experience to mobile users. As more website owners recognise the benefits that using mobile media has to the company, and its customers, we expect to see many more jumping aboard.

4. Ranking boosts are on the up
Google, and other search engines, are also upping their game with incentives for good search engine optimisation. If you wear the ‘white hat’ and follow the steps correctly, your website can possibly be rewarded with more ranking boosts than ever before. A few of the factors which are thought to result in a boost are; a contact us page, a breadcrumb navigation, proper grammar and spelling, and one that is the hot topic at the moment – including references on a page. Will references replace links as the most important factor in SEO? We’re sure to find out in 2016.

5. Pick your tool
More tools to demonstrate the effectiveness of PR and digital marketing campaigns are on the market than ever before. The increase, and variety, of tools that are now available allows PR professionals to be more accountable and to easily be able to demonstrate a campaign’s success and its return of investment. With this in mind, we are not surprised to be expecting:

6. A boom of the budget
Many businesses are looking to increase their marketing budgets in 2015, suggesting a growth in business confidence and increased recognition of the benefits an experienced PR agency, like Dragonfly, can bring to a business. A reported 51%* of companies will increase their internal digital communications budgets by an average of 17%, and a greater number than ever are expected to switch from advertising to public relations in order to make this money go further.

7. YouTube will continue to be a dominant force
These days everyone can be movie maker and videos are being used ever more widely across B2B markets to demonstrate products and services, through expert advice tips and ‘how to’ footage that are hosted on YouTube. They’re a great way to position a business as an expert in its field. Videos also positively affect a website’s SEO, being recognised by search engines as one of the ‘best ways of communicating opinions, ideas and information’. The best B2B videos these days are just 1-2 minutes long, however if you’re looking for an even quicker route to share footage – Twitter’s Vine is a great alternative.

8. Wearable technology on the cuff
With the highly anticipated Apple Watch due to hit the shelves, a huge increase in wearable technology is expected to occur, with other brands scrambling to make their own versions. According to Apple, the Apple Watch ‘represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology’ and has been described as the start of things to come. We’re taking predictions of what Apple will release next – any thoughts?

9. 3D printing expected to make its mark
a 35% increase in social mentions for 3D printing, with more people that ever recognising the benefits and new opportunities a 3D printer can bring to a business. Prototypes will be available faster and cheaper, and the newly released desktop 3D printers allow businesses to benefit from the new technology by fitting seamlessly into office settings. Investors are continuing to buy stocks in 3D printing, and by 2015 20% of retailers are expected to use the machines.

10. Unemployment decreasing
According to the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures, unemployment fell by 63,000 in the three months to the end of October 2014 to 6%, its lowest level in six years.   We’re delighted to hear that so many of our clients in the construction and manufacturing sectors are recruiting and expanding their teams, so here’s to a happy and prosperous 2016!

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