Ad blocking apps drive demand for well written online content

Apps that block ads have been around for some time although they have received much more press recently because of their increasing use. Here we take a look at ad blocking apps and find out how manufacturers of building materials can avoid falling into their trap.

What is an ad blocker?

First of all let’s just clarify what we mean by an ad blocker. These are apps that prevent adverts appearing on internet-connected devices. Many people already use them on PCs, where the most common technique is to install a browser plug-in. Although relatively rare on smartphones and tablets that’s not to say that they won’t also become commonly used on mobile devices.

The two principal reasons why people use ad blockers is, the most obvious, because we don’t like adverts! The second is that ads slow down our internet browser, which, of course, is another reason not to like them.

How many people use ad blockers?

According to, around 198 million people (around one in 20 internet users) are already using ad-blockers on desktop computers.

Do we agree with ad blockers?

Ad blockers undermine a fundamental principle of the internet that free content is in exchange for our attention. However, blocking all advertising would be a problem as it would mean that we would have to pay to access the internet.

Are ad blockers bad for business?

With around five per cent of people (1 in 20) already using ad blockers and this number increasing all the time, ad blocking apps can have a seriously detrimental effect on business (although we would all secretly admit to liking these kinds of apps!).

Obviously, they are bad for advertising agencies which rely on businesses commissioning their creative services. They are detrimental to companies that want to advertise their products, too, particularly those that manufacture building products as they are trying to communicate with a tightly defined market place – it only needs a few to install the apps to seriously restrict the number of customers that your adds reach

What options do manufacturers of building products have?

The obvious solution is for ad agencies to make their ads more engaging. By doing that people are less likely to want to block them. However, that is notoriously difficult and expensive, and rarely achieved.

If you are concerned about the widespread use of add blockers the obvious way forward is to try other ways of communicating with potential customers online – advertising isn’t the only, or most effective, means by a long shot.

That’s where our services come in. Because we specialise in the construction sector we are able to write web content that is highly effective, and avoids the ad blockers. That’s because the content is well written, informative and is therefore valued by the reader. For example, a well written blog post that informs architects and specifiers about how your building product can help with their development is unlikely to be blocked by these apps.

So, unsurprisingly, with the advent of ad blocking ads, our “content marketing” services dedicated to the construction sector are in greater demand than ever before.

Ad Blocking Apps

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