Are seasonal marketing campaigns and awareness days relevant for B2B companies?

Consumer brands do a great job of maximising awareness around national or global awareness days, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween, but is there also an opportunity for B2B companies to link with dates in the UK and global calendar?

Here our marketing team explains how B2B organisations can make the most of national or international awareness campaigns.

  1. Choose the most relevant days

Our first tip would be to carefully select awareness days that are the most relevant to your business and target audience.  Make sure the theme aligns with your overall marketing and PR strategy, for example, if sustainability is a core value, then World Environment Day, could be a good one to focus on.  Other key dates that our clients engage with include World Book Day, National Carer’s Day and World Water Day.  Alternatively, many causes and issues have national awareness days, so linking with a local or national cancer charity means helping to raise awareness and encourage people to fundraise.

  1. Build them into your social media first

Start off by coming up with a mini social media campaign built around the national day/theme. If your social media audience engages widely with this, you could look to developing this  into a larger campaign next time.

Plan your social posts in advance and research the most popular hashtags to use for that event. For example, International Women’s Day (IWD2022), which takes place on 8th March, provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to engage with women, whether that be employees, customers or suppliers. By using the most relevant hashtags too, you can extend your audience further and reach people that are engaging with the campaign.

  1. Demonstrate your organisation’s personality

Seasonal dates and awareness days provide a great opportunity to show your organisation’s personality, plus it gives your audience an insight into the fun side of the business which can create great opportunities for engagement and raising your profile.

Dates such as Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas Jumper Day provide a great opportunity to get your employees involved too.

On Pancake Day for instance, you could ask your team to send in pictures/videos of their pancake flipping skills then share these across your social channels asking customers to vote for their favourites. This can help to show the human side of the business.

 Increase share of voice in quieter periods

It is a good idea to look for national themes and awareness days to ramp up activity in what may be traditionally quieter periods for the business.  This ensures you are maintaining a good share of voice and staying in front for your customers.

If you need support integrating seasonal campaigns into your PR and Marketing strategies or identifying dates that would be suitable for your business and your audience, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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