Beware bloggers bearing gifts

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Hardly a day goes by when here at Dragonfly we don’t receive some emailed sales pitch from an SEO company offering some amazing blogging service that sounds too good to be true – and most certainly is.

They’re offering 50, 100, 200 blogs per month about your products, that they will write and post and before you know it, you’ll be number one on Google!  How likely is that?  Not very!  And they are sending this to an agency that offers SEO services – how crazy is that?

This is the style of the email I’m talking about

My name is (FRED) Marketing Manager for an international marketing company (usually based in India). While studying your site I couldn’t help noticing it lacked any significant ranking in (Google Yahoo and Bing) As you already suspect, this means your site is virtually invisible to potential customers searching for a supplier in your field.

My company can solve this problem for you.

We can:
1. Make your website visible on Search Engines!!
2. Improve your business website ranking!!
3. At very little cost!!

Instead of being drawn into the shady world of Black Hat SEO techniques, what you really should be looking for is a PR company that understands and has expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Here are the three main reasons why PR agencies, like Dragonfly PR, are best placed to offer SEO.

1. Because our skills lie in generating quality content

Content is at the heart of everything that we do and, as PR professionals, we are experts at creating content that intrigues, excites and informs your customers.  As content has become increasingly valued by search engines, our PR team at Dragonfly PR have adapted our skills in journalism and applied it to the digital platform.  The result is fresh, relevant, authoritative copy that ranks well in search results.

So whether it be blogs, news stories, case studies or expert opinion articles, our expertise in creating content that impresses your customers and the media is now having a positive impact on the search engines too.

2. Because we’ve got great connections

Link building is a key part of SEO – search engines look to establish an understanding of what your website is about and if it’s a credible source, they do this by analysing which sites link back to you.  This means that two criteria are key when building links back to your website from third parties: relevance and quality.

A link from an irrelevant site that receives next to no traffic will do your search rankings no good at all.  In fact, recent Google algorithm changes means they could actually harm your rankings.

Again, PR companies have proved to be the experts in link building.  The reason why?

We already have a tried and trusted network of hundreds, even thousands of media journals, the majority of which now have a digital platform.  Over the last few years, we have also built contacts with influential bloggers and online journalists on an extensive range of b2b subjects.  This is generating some fantastic results for our SEO clients in terms of being able to secure regular guest blogs, online news stories and authoritative articles.

3. Because we know how to optimise!

Optimisation of web pages, blogs and online articles is something that many people don’t know how to do correctly – or simply don’t have the interest in doing properly.  However, it is a vitally important part of any SEO campaign.  Here at Dragonfly PR, our PR team is skilled in optimising the content we produce to ensure we achieve the very best rankings for our clients’ websites.

We have the skills in house to take care of everything from your onsite and offsite optimisation, writing your blogs, white papers, case studies, taking care of social media campaigns and producing in-depth Google Analytics reports, where we include meaningful recommendations which we then go on to action.

It’s no surprise that SEO companies are now calling PR companies like Dragonfly PR to ask us to write their blogs – as they are finding that they don’t have the skills to be able to do this and achieve what they clients want!

So when you next receive an email with the subject heading SEO at amazing prices – or TOP OF GOOGLE – then be quick to press Delete – and call Dragonfly PR instead.

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