Blogging has never been more relevant

In the world of business, if a company doesn’t keep up with the times, it will get overtaken by its competitors. We live in a world where larger corporations, such as Apple, release up to 60 new updates or products a year, demonstrating that the demand for 24/7 news and updates has never been higher.

One way to ensure your business stays relevant is through blogging, a simple and easy way to share news quickly while also promoting your business. Research by HubSpot found that businesses that blog have a 126% higher lead growth than those that don’t. If this doesn’t illustrate the importance of blogging, we’re not sure what will.

Blogging gives your company a voice. A voice to talk about the latest developments within your business or provides a platform to share your opinion on the industry’s latest news. What’s more important is it also allows you to showcase your company’s personality.

Whether your blog tackles technical issues or just shares latest developments, what really matters is that the information is relevant and appropriate to your customers.

Creating and managing a good reputation is at the core of public relations, which is why it makes sense to hire a dedicated agency to manage your blog’s content.

PR agencies, like Dragonfly PR, can create content for your company that will be relevant and help to increase your online presence through SEO and keywords. The better and more relevant the blog, the higher your Google ranking will be and the more traffic that will be steered towards your site.

The more traffic that is steered towards your site means more opportunities to secure leads. For example, manufacturers could use blog posts to offer free trials of products or services. These offers will encourage potential customers to engage with the company and are likely to see a portion of the new visitors return to your website in the future.

In addition, you could use blogs to help existing customers with common questions, this will help establish authority over your competitors. This may enable yours to become the ‘go to’ website for answering queries, and what’s more you would be bettering your relationship with customers as the more a company can answer questions, the more they are perceived as a trustworthy supplier.

Blogging can be time consuming, therefore it can be hard for companies to find the time to create content, which could result in blogs becoming neglected and out of date. This is why it is important to have a PR team to help. Dragonfly PR has extensive experience writing blogs, case studies and news stories for company websites. In fact we already create content for numerous clients working in the construction, manufacturing, rail, food and digital industries.

We also have the resources to analyse audiences as well as stay up to date on the engagement levels and success of your blog. If you would like a free, no-obligation quotation or to speak to a member of our team about our PR and  copywriting services, please drop us a line on or call  01709 300130.

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