Building regulation updates: how being seen as the experts can help build your brand

June 2022 will see major changes and updates to Building Regulations.  This is a great opportunity for building product manufacturers to be seen as the experts in their field, as many of their customers will be looking for assistance with meeting these regulations.

Our PR and content creation services can be one of the most effective ways for building product manufacturers to inform customers that their products or services comply with all relevant regulations.

What are the new regulations?

Coming into play on 15th June 2022, there will be five new Building Regulations’ Approved Documents that require new and existing dwellings and non-domestic buildings to follow in their design.  Four of the changes will be updates to existing guidelines, with the introduction of one entirely new Approved Document. 

The amendments will apply to the following existing documents:

  • Approved Document L – Conservation of Fuel and Power – Volume 1: Dwellings
  • Approved Document L – Conservation of Fuel and Power – Volume 2: Buildings other than Dwellings
  • Approved Document F – Ventilation – Volume 1: Dwellings
  • Approved Document F – Ventilation – Volume 2: Buildings other than Dwellings

The newly introduced document will be Approved Document O – Overheating.  This new regulation aims to mitigate overheating within new residential buildings only – inclusive of student accommodation and care homes.  In existing homes, standards will be amended to reduce carbon emissions and energy use during home improvements.

The update to the regulations is set to improve existing energy efficiency standards for homes, paving the way for the introduction of the Future Homes Standard in 2025, which will ensure that all new homes produce 75%-80% less carbon emissions than homes built under current regulations.  From June, new buildings will be required to cut carbon emissions – by 30% in new homes and by 27% in new commercial buildings, including offices and shops.  New homes will adopt the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard to measure energy efficiency.

The Part L updates will see the maximum flow temperature for new and replacement heating systems capped at 55°C.  An added appendix will also set out a good practice specification for homes built with a heat pump.

Further changes to Part L and Part F will set new minimum standards for fabric efficiency, and there will be a requirement for new or replacement heating systems to accept low-carbon heating and integrate Eco-design appliance benchmarks.

New regulation, new opportunities

Whilst preparing for these changes is imperative, such a period of change brings a great opportunity in using our PR services to help your business be seen as a thought leader and raise your profile within the industry. 

Industry changes, such as the introduction of new legislation, is a great topic for our PR and content creation team to raise awareness and position your business as the experts, with a view to attract more interest in your products and visits to your website.

Our extensive experience in construction marketing means we have established contacts with all the main trade press and end user media, as well as online media and influential bloggers.  Combined with expertise in writing technical, thought-leadership articles, you can rest assured that your message will reach the right individuals in a way that generates results.

There are many ways to demonstrate your understanding of current issues, such as through white papers, feature articles and blogs.  Whether it’s an in-depth breakdown of the new regulations or top tips on how to best prepare for the changes, publishing this information on your website and promoting it through your social media channels is an effective way to establish yourself as a trusted leader in the industry and make you stand out against your competitors. 

Any changes in regulation are often big news, as they affect the entire industry – associating yourself with current topics is a great way to raise awareness of your business.  As this is a topic that impacts a large portion of the construction sector, any potential customers will be looking for a company that can help them navigate through these changes.  By including yourself in the discussion and commenting on the topic, you will help present yourself as a switched on, well-informed organisation. 

Future customers such as architects and contractors are looking for a reliable, knowledgeable provider, who they can trust to complete their projects in-line with regulations.  Creating content around changes in building regulations can be the step that will help drive sales and generate new sales leads.

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