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When it comes to writing blogs for the construction sector, or actually any blog for that matter, clarity and focus is the best way forward. For example, we are often asked to write blogs for construction firms and building product manufacturers, and we have found that honing in on a particular subject and then writing something insightful, interesting and with a call to action gets the best engagement.

Some companies try to incorporate too many subjects and messages in their blogs, which means that it loses direction. Focusing on a specific issue and getting the message across about it in a clear, concise manner maximises the number of visits to our clients’ websites, which is exactly what a blog should do.

We’ve just written a blog for a company that manufactures leisure storage boxes for the holiday home sector. A key point that the company wanted to get across was that this type of box should comply with Fire classification BS 476 Part 7, Class 1. Our approach was to talk to leisure park operators and find out about what they understood about this important piece of legislation.

The feedback provided excellent material to write the blog, for example, we were able to highlight that some companies in the leisure sector had plastic storage boxes, which is far from ideal bearing in mind that it is common for park visitors to store their barbeque in these units. It not difficult to see how we got across the message about fire legislation by painting a visual picture of someone placing a hot BBQ in a plastic storage box, and then listing the reasons why the box should have been to BS476, not that we really needed to!

So we can see with construction blogs that even though we may be talking about a complicated piece of building legislation, it is still possible to make it interesting by giving it a human angle; we can all visualise a hot barbeque stored in a plastic box!

As a PR and digital marketing agency that specialises in the construction sector we are able to get across important sales message in a blog with clarity and focus. In summary, for a blog to be successful, it should be:

  • Short and snappy – get to the point
  • Have a clear message – a call to action
  • Not be too technical – yet still refer to relevant legislation
  • Link it into a human angle – so that the reader can understand it
  • If you are looking for a company that specialises in the construction sector then we can help. Here at Dragonfly PR we know just how importantblogs really are – they should be generating at least 20-30% of the visitors to your website.

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