Could TikTok add value to business to business companies?

Many people think of TikTok as a social media channel that teenagers use that influences them to buy music, trainers or to follow dance trends.

However, research by social media scheduling platform Hootsuite has shown that 77% of Marketing Managers are considering using TikTok within their marketing campaigns in the next 12 months.  

Here we look at how TikTok could offer opportunities to business to business companies that they cannot find elsewhere on social media.

“TikTok currently has almost 1bn active users, aged 18 or over and research shows that every user scrolls the site on average 19.6 hours per month.  That’s a lot of potential to see new videos and products!

One of its most popular hashtags is #tiktokmademebuyit – a great sign that selling on TikTok really does work. TikTok-ers regularly use this hashtag to showcase goods that they purchased as a result of TikTok and word spreads fast.

A survey of TikTok by social media platform Hootsuite showed that 47 per cent of TikTok users had bought something they’d seen on TikTok.  39% of users discovered a product they hadn’t heard of on TikTok, whilst 67% of users said they were inspired to shop by TikTok even when they weren’t looking to buy anything.

So, the question for b2b companies is: Should my company or brand be on TikTok?

There are a number of considerations which will help you answer the question:

  • Can my audience be found on TikTok?
  • Can I provide value to my audience on this channel?
  • Do I have the time and resources to dedicated to it?
  • Can I achieve things on this platform that I can’t do elsewhere?
  • Is TikTok compatible with my social media goals?

If the answer to the majority, or all of these questions is yes, then it’s a no brainer – and we can help.

Increasingly, business to business clients are extending their reach and audience through this rapidly growing social media platform.  Changing the misconception that TikTok is only for teenagers is research that shows its fastest growing audience is the 35-54 age group, which has tripled in the past 12 months.

There is also a perception that TikTok is only for retailers looking to sell clothing or lifestyle products. However, studies have shown that almost 14% of b2b decision makers say TikTok influences their purchasing decisions – and this is increasingly daily. 

TikTok is there to educate, entertain and inspire an audience.  A popular marketing phrase is ‘Don’t make an Ad, make a TikTok’.  But it’s much different to creating a normal corporate ad or company video.  TikTok users are looking to connect to brands that teach them something new or give them information.

The videos produced on TikTok don’t require huge marketing budgets and don’t even need to be professional – the aim is to make them authentic, rather than corporate.  In fact, 65% of people agree that professional looking videos from brands feel out of place on TikTok.

Using hashtags is an integral part of good TikTok use, just as it is for Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.

There is also some evidence to show that videos filmed within TikTok work best, as their algorithm picks them up. 

Without getting directly involved in creating videos, you can dip a toe in the water by commenting on content in your sector using hashtags - some of the best trending hashtags on TikTok are #comedy #humour #funny.

Although some music on TikTok requires a paid licence, there are a number of original audios which are free to use, which are usually remixes or trending music or sounds.   Once video content is created for TikTok, it can also be shared across other platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

One way that experts advise to increase views on TikTok is to jump on trends and create timely videos tailored to specific emerging themes. Look at the top trending posts on TikTok and see if there are any trends where you could get ahead.

73% of users said they felt a deeper connection to brands they interact with on TikTok, compared to other platforms. 

Once you decide to make the jump into TikTok, how often should you post?   Good practice suggests two to three times per week at least. 

A great place to start might be with a Day in the life of a marketing manager.  Creating a short 30 second reel that can be spread across Instagram and TikTok giving a really authentic account of a job.

It is also a good idea to comment on issues that are not related to your industry, but that you may have an interest in.

Getting started may sound a daunting task, but setting aside say half a day a week for video creation could be a good idea.  These can then be scheduled to run throughout the week, on platforms such as Hootsuite.” 

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