Creating a community on social media can increase sales leads

Social media requires investment and, over the last few years, many businesses started increasing the amount of time, effort and money they put into this area. When we win new social media clients, one of the first questions they ask is “how can I generate more sales leads through social media?”

All social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, want you to create a community on their channel. Posting without interacting with your audience will see you falling in the LinkedIn algorithm – it’s that simple! Here are some tips and tricks to boost your spot in the LinkedIn algorithm and increase sales leads:

Post content that is worth commenting on – Think: what is the point of your post? What will your followers (potential customers) gain from it? What is going to make them comment on your post? Are you asking a question? Are you starting a conversation?

Replying to comments – Are your followers commenting on your posts? Respond to them! Start and continue the conversation in your comments section. This will show your followers that there is a person behind the account, and can often give more detail relating to your post.

Sharing posts – Share industry news, posts from employees or businesses that you work with. This will help your followers, and LinkedIn, see you as an industry expert, and they will come to you for all industry news.

Interacting with other posts – Liking and commenting on other posts (from your company page) is a great way to boost your algorithm on LinkedIn. Whether that be interacting with industry news, business posts about a project you’re working on, or even customer posts about your business. Make sure to keep an eye on any posts that your company is tagged in!

So, how does this translate into sales leads? Firstly, LinkedIn will push your posts out to more people, one of those could be a new customer! Secondly, when conversations are started in the comments section, potential customers could have their questions answered, or it could sway them to choose you for their next project!

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