Creating good content - here are our top tips

We often get asked by clients to create content ‘that they can use in multiple places’ whether that be on their website, in a brochure, in their Annual Review, for their website, for magazine articles and also for social media.  Creating content is a big deal at the moment with Google valuing unique, informative, authoritative content more than ever. With content, what is important is that it is authentic and appropriate to the audience, with relevant keywords in-built.

At one time,  SEO people could copy and paste content from other websites onto their own site and it could enhance their Google ranking.  Changes to Google algorithms meant that websites are penalised for duplicate content, which meant brands and companies turning back to PR agencies who they could rely upon to produce their own authentic content.

Here are our quick-fire tips for creating good content:

Reflect topical trends

A good way to make your content engaging is to link it to a topical issue or trend.  This could be the energy crisis, net zero, something seasonal like Christmas, the Budget, you name it, it could be your next theme. Look at what is trending on Twitter and Linkedin and spot any themes that can be linked back to your products or services.  Choose whatever theme best fits with your business and values, use it to create content that is informed and engaging.

Use keywords, but don’t overuse

In the past, content writers were accused of keyword-stuffing to try and get their way to the top of the search engines.  So clever are the search engines today that they will recognise where keywords have been overused and may potentially blacklist these sites.  It can be quite a tricky line to walk to ensure you are using sufficient keywords, but without over-using them.  By working with an experienced PR/Content marketing company, like Dragonfly PR, we can ensure that the content being created is in line with what the search engines would rank highly.

Don’t try to adopt a particular journalistic style

When creating content that could be used for many different purposes, then it is important not to try and write it in any kind of journalistic style.  It should use a friendly, upbeat, professional tone of voice and not be too ‘preachy’.  The aim is to engage the reader in the content in the hope that they will want to find out more about your company’s products or services. Creating content that is aimed at one particular style of magazine may not be compatible with the tone of voice being used on your website.

Use quality source material

Every well researched piece of content uses quality source material.  This could be an industry survey, BBC news article, a White Paper, academic document, medical journal, to name but a few.  Whatever the source you use, make sure it is a quality one and that you reference the source material with a link at the end of the piece.

Much of our content is technical and is used across many different platforms across the construction and manufacturing industries.  As we have excellent contacts with the media in these areas we can help with securing content on websites and online journals with high domain authority.  Where this is included with a backlink, it can have a huge impact on your SEO.

Are you looking for help to populate your news pages, website, blogs, social media or company newsletters?  We can help!  Our friendly, professional content marketing team has decades of experience in creating content for b2b companies.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing or calling 0114 349 5341.

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