Do building product manufacturers need an online presence?

We have heard a lot in the press recently about the construction industry and how it is on the road to recovery. However, this return to ‘normality’ seems to occur in fits and starts – one quarter construction is ahead and then the next we hear dire warnings that it is all coming to a grinding halt.

This leaves businesses in a quandary about what to do in terms of marketing activity. Obviously, when the market is growing strongly it is a good time to force home your messages with an effective marketing communications campaign. However, what we have found is that it is those companies that continue to market their products and services, even when there is not-so-good news about the industry, are the ones who are best placed to take advantage of, what is generally accepted, as a sustained recovery albeit a bumpy road!

So, the question that many are asking themselves is, should we be ’upping the ante’ on our marketing activity? Well, the signs are definitely good, even though there has been talk of growth rates slowing. We have to remember that the construction industry underwent a major slump in activity between 2008 – 2012 and that some companies are still hesitant to invest as much as they use to do in their marketing.

However, now that the election is out of the way and the Government will be looking to deliver on their housing and construction commitments, the future is looking very positive.  As a PR and marketing company that specialises in the construction sector we have already seen existing clients ramp up their activity, as well as new clients choosing to work with us to raise awareness of their products and services.

In the last few years, there has been an integration of online and offline marketing, especially in the area of PR. Now it has never been so important to have a single, combined online and offline presence.

If in doubt about the power of social media, just take a look at how some of the top UK architects use, for example, twitter:

Aedas (twitter name @Aedas)

BDP International ( twitter name @Bdp_com)

Foster and Partners (twitter name @FosterPartners)

RMJM (twitter name @RMJM_Ltd)

Capita Symonds (twitter name @CapitaSymonds)

Aside from an integrated on and off-line marketing communications programme, what is important to achieving results is working with a PR and digital marketing agency that understands the construction sector. An agency that does, like, would be able to help you talk directly to your target audience, which could range from an architect, contractor, through to a local authority, housing association or private end-user.

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