Do e-Newsletters work?

The short answer is yes, done properly, they do. E-newsletters are a great way to communicate with existing and new customers. They connect directly with the recipient and you can generate an instant response – whether that be visits to your website or an email back to enquire about your services.

We design and write email newsletters, and a big thank you to all those customers that responded to our latest ezine about ‘How to generate more sales leads in the construction sector’ – it really is encouraging to hear positive feedback and encouragement from colleagues in the industry that we specialise in.

And, equally importantly, our latest ezine generated a number of new business enquiries for us, which we are now busy following up, which is just what you need if, like us, you are looking to achieve significant growth within your company.


For a well written ezine (or e-newsletter), to work effectively, it should be very relevant to the recipient. That is why it is worth using a PR company that specialises in the construction sector to write and send out your e-newsletter. That is, if you are looking to make the most of this effective method of communicating with customers.

E-zines that contain good quality content and photos that are relevant are always going to have a good opening rate – and here you should be looking for an ‘open’ rate at least in the mid-double digits.

Here are our top tips for ensuring you get more from your e-newsletter:

  • Create your mailing list carefully and appropriately
  • Make the content relevant, timely and succinct
  • Make it interesting
  • Use images and photographs
  • Personalise it – if it’s a quality database you’ll be able to do that
  • Ensure recipients can unsubscribe easily
  • Monitor the reports we generate of Opens and Click-throughs to your newsletter, it will give you an idea of who is most interested in your products

If you follow these simple rules, there really is no reason why ezines shouldn’t form a central part of keeping your marketplace informed of developments in your company.  In fact, done properly, by a company that understands the construction sector, it will allow you to use your e-newsletter (or ezine) for keeping your customers up to date with latest case studies, changes to legislation or salesforce updates.

Aside from that, you can add an element of human interest, letting new and existing customers know about charity stories, new starters or anything else that helps them make a memorable connection with your business. Have a look at this infographic to find out more about the popularity of email marketing.

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