Do I still need to produce a brochure?

It’s fair to say that all marketing agencies and their clients have welcomed the ‘Digital Age’ – it allows you to better target customers, communicate directly with them and, when done in a targeted way, can be lower cost than, for instance, mailing out brochure.

brochure dragonfly pr

brochure dragonfly pr

Now, all companies need to have a highly developed digital strategy. Stands to reason, really, as your website is now your ‘shop window, especially if it’s an ecommerce site.

However, despite the revolution in digital and online, there is still a place for a good old fashioned brochure.  That’s because printed collateral is still valued by a large and significant group of customers. Just think about it in terms of how we all go about buying a new car, a house or kitchen – we still tend to ask for a brochure, even though all the information is available online!

Here’s why we think there is still a place for brochures:

They catch the eye and are often retained for a long time

The most successful brochures feature eye-catching visuals, alongside detailed product information. These well produced, quality brochures have a long shelf life and customers tend to retain them for the long term – they’re a permanent reminder of your products and services, which are still in front of them when they switch off their computers!

They’re a great sales aid

Brochures are extremely handy when you’re attending exhibitions as visitors can pick up a copy and take it with them. With many sales made after events – when customers make a considered purchase afterwards – a brochure can give you a competitive edge on companies that do not have printed literature.

Online is not always best

This is an obvious one, but a point that should not be forgotten – no matter how far into the digital age we are – not everyone prefers to receive their information digitally. With few companies actually designing and printing their own brochures, a printed version is often favoured by customers.

Plus, it’s worth bearing in mind that you can make a brochure downloadable from your website and with advances in printer quality, customers can now print it themselves – that gives you the best of both worlds – a great selling tool and avoiding the cost of printing.

Our creative team can design and produce brochures in printed, PDF or flip book formats, to meet all of your customers’ needs. We can deliver interesting and informative content alongside high quality visuals to reinforce your brand with your customers, stakeholders and employees.

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