Do PR and social media campaigns generate sales leads?

As a Sheffield B2B PR agency that specialises in the construction sector, we are often asked whether our PR campaigns generate sales leads for clients. We are proud to say that we have many examples of how we have helped our clients, over the years, to grow and flourish in their chosen market sectors.

We are able to generate sales leads using several different platforms. Magazine articles work really well because they allow us to position our client as a thought leader in their specific market sector. A well placed article can generate many sales leads, which we track and monitor using a variety of methods. When the article appears online it also creates valuable backlinks, which helps our clients’ SEO. It’s one of the reasons why we constantly measure the number of backlinks we create.

Our social media strategy generates sales enquiries for our clients’ too. Building product manufacturers and construction companies that approach us are often unsure about how this channel fits into their overall PR Plan.  The good thing about our social media campaigns is that it can be an important lead generation channel for your business.

Posting information that is valued by visitors to your social media channels is a great way to generate sales leads. That’s where our experience in the construction sector allows us to create engaging content that people want to read. This could be anything from a research report to comment on a market opportunity.

A recent example illustrates this very well. Our media monitoring of the construction sector had picked up on new funding available to education providers to help them create new buildings to house the ‘bulge’ in post 16 school leavers. The time frame for schools and colleges to apply for funding was only a few weeks, so we put together a mini social media campaign aimed at raising awareness of the funding being available.

We targeted schools and colleges and positioned our client as being able to help applicants put together a proposal with ideas and costings and then deliver their new buildings. This was an intensive campaign using LinkedIn and Twitter, backed up by hashtag research and carefully selected @ mentions.

We pride ourselves on generating great results for all our clients and our case study page shows just some of these.

For our modular building client in particular, the campaign resulted in some important new business sales leads, which is best summed up by feedback they sent us: ‘Further to your recent posts on the new funding, we have helped two school clients with supporting on funding bids, the latest being for a New £3.1m Sixth Form Teaching Block.  Thank you for your support and help!’

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