Dragonfly welcomes new Senior Account Executive

Having worked in PR for more than 4 years’ within an agency environment, Rebecca has experience managing the press office for clients that have worked in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, construction, architectural and FMCG.

With a degree in journalism, she also has plenty of knowledge and expertise when it comes to working with the media and liaising with journalists to ensure that she secures the coverage our clients deserve.

Here Rebecca tells us a little more about herself.

What first attracted you to work in PR?

When I was young, all I wanted to do was grow up to be a leading journalist, researching the best stories and securing the biggest headlines was something I couldn’t wait to do. However, as time changed and my knowledge of the industry grew, I started to lean towards the (not so glamorous) bright lights of PR. I secured my first PR role four years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

What do you enjoy most about working in PR?

I particularly enjoy learning all about a client’s business and getting to know their products and services in detail, before coming up with exciting and creative ideas that will enable me to shout about them from the roof tops. Tackling an in-depth feature or blog that really gets to grips with what the client has to offer is also something I quite like to do, so I’m really looking forward to taking on some of the thought leadership articles and blogs in construction and manufacturing that we have lined up for our clients here at Dragonfly.

Sum up Dragonfly PR in one sentence

A friendly no nonsense team, that works hard to secure clients the coverage and recognition they deserve.

Do you have any hobbies?

I like to bake, but the only problem with having a hobby that involves lots of cake and biscuits is that someone has to eat them. So to counter balance this, I also enjoy taking my touring caravan to the coast and countryside where I like to do a lot of walking and hill climbing.

How would your friends describe you in three words?

Caring, loyal, sarcastic

What would your epitaph be?

Help! I’m claustrophobic, get me out of here! No, seriously it would probably be something along the lines of ‘She lived long (hopefully), laughed often and loved dearly’.

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