Get a great start to your Public Relations and Digital Marketing in 2019!

It’s a New Year, a great opportunity to have a fresh look at your Public Relations and Content Marketing and to think ‘How could we get more out of this in 2019?’

These days, investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a must and SEO is very much becoming the remit of PR agencies like Dragonfly PR.  The reason is that the value of generating consistently good quality content is very high.  PR agencies are proving that clients can receive better value for money by generating authoritative content through an Organic SEO campaign, rather than Pay Per Click (PPC) or Adwords.

We work with a huge spectrum of business-to-business companies and for the majority of our PR campaigns, the main objective is to maintain or secure our clients a position on page one, which should lead to an increase in sales leads.

Mind you, generating sales leads isn’t always easy and it doesn’t happen overnight but with ongoing Organic SEO, combined with a Digital PR campaign, you should see a consistent improvement in your rankings and website traffic.

Here are five reasons why digital PR and Content Marketing should be top of your list for 2019:

Keep content fresh!

In 2017, Google introduced its Freshness algorithm which aims to prioritise and rank fresh content higher than older content with the Google search index.  This covered specific areas such as news, events, politics, business, celebrity, where it is likely that the user would want to know the most current information.  This means that although you may have written a blog on your website two years ago advising customers on, for example, how to install an air source heat pump, the blog may still secure a ranking. However, other more recent blogs written and posted on other websites and indeed on your own, will receive a better ranking.  Keeping your news pages and blog up to date is therefore vitally important.

Research shows that buying decisions are made after online searches

Research by Google/Millward Brown Digital found that 89% of b2b decision makers researched products and services online.  The study also found that b2b decision makers were getting younger and this was increasingly being influenced by Millennials. The research also found that the majority of b2b searches were for generic product, rather than for a brand name.  This study demonstrated the importance of securing a good organic search ranking, rather than purely trying to influence branded searches for your product name or company.  We work with many construction and manufacturing companies to create Content Marketing and digital marketing strategies that focus on key search terms that their customers are using.  We regularly review their search terms and their rankings and work hard to ensure that good quality authoritative content is being consistently generated on their behalf.

If you’re not on the first two pages, you lose out significantly on traffic

Securing a page one ranking on Google is a top priority for many companies, research has shown that a minimum of 75% of clicks go to first page search results.  Different studies have put the traffic share of the first position at around 33%, with position two at 15% clicks and position 3 at 9% clicks.  So, this suggests that if you rank at number 1 for your search term and your keyword target is searched 1,000 times, you could reasonably expect around 300 clicks to your site.

Having a clear Organic SEO strategy in place where your b2b keywords are being closely targeted through regularly onsite and offsite content marketing is essential.  Dragonfly’s SEO team has over 12 years’ experience of working with business to business companies to improve their search engine rankings and secure a higher volume of market share.

Keeping your website up to date with fresh content is not only good for Google but good for your customers

Our role is to keep our clients’ websites up to date with fresh, authoritative content that positions them as the experts, is keyword enriched and enables them to be picked up by the search engines.  However, another very positive side of our regularly writing new blogs, website pages and news is that customers are more likely to return regularly to the website to view the content.    The website then becomes a hub for the latest news, information and developments on your specialist area, keeping customers satisfied that they are dealing with an expert in the industry.

Traditional PR is still valuable, so let us make the best use of it online!

As a dedicated b2b PR agency based in Sheffield, we regularly write thought leadership articles that are over 2,000 words, on behalf of clients for printed magazines.  Once these have run, we then repurpose them for blogs and news content to appear on a client’s website.  When we take care of both PR and SEO for a client it means that we can maximise use of content across many different platforms, including social media. 

Working with a b2b PR agency like Dragonfly PR can have a huge impact on your business as our experienced digital PR team can improve not only your search engine rankings but also the overall customer experience of visiting your website.

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