Giving manufacturers food for thought about awards

We have said it many times, but the pros that entering awards offer to a business far outweigh the cons; especially if you make it onto the shortlist or even go as far as winning. An award can raise the credibility of your business and help it stand out, which in a competitive sector such as food and drink manufacturing can be extremely valuable. As such, it can also help to attract new custom, bring in top talent and improve morale among staff.

Whether it’s regional, business, trade or consumer; if it’s relevant to your company we would always recommend submitting an entry. However, we understand that some manufacturers may find entering awards a daunting and time-consuming process.

Here’s why working with a PR agency to enter industry and regional business awards can benefit you and your company.

They will take their time to make sure it’s right

Submitting an award that has been rushed or pulled together haphazardly can sometimes be worse than not submitting one at all. A PR agency with experience in writing awards will take their time to ensure that the copy meets all areas of the entry criteria and is relevant to your chosen category. As specialist writers with lots of experience in drafting award entries, we can also help to make sure your submission is engaging and memorable for the judges.

Finding the right awards for your business

With so many different awards to enter it can be quite confusing deciding which is right for your business. A good PR company will be aware of the top awards within your industry and often your region, so they can recommend which ones are more suitable for you. For food and drink manufacturers, these can include top industry awards such as the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards, or those facilitated by the trade media such as the Grocer Gold Awards

They’re not new to the process

PR agencies assist clients with award submissions all the time, so while it may be your first time participating in the process, the chances are, it won’t be theirs. They will know how to ensure your entry has all of the required information without going over the word count. They will also have an idea of what the judges will be looking for in a company, so will tailor your award accordingly.

They’re driven by results

A good award entry is a winning award entry! So, if your PR agency is a great partner, they will want to win just as much as you do. Not just because it is a fantastic feeling knowing that their work got you there; but because for them, there’s no better achievement than getting the client the great results and recognition they deserve. As an agency that has not only secured many clients a place in the finals but also the winning trophy, particularly over the past twelve months, we know that feeling all too well.

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