How building product manufacturers can best use PR

Some building product manufacturers are missing an opportunity to grow sales by not having a well-planned and carefully targeted PR campaign. This can happen either because they don’t take the time to plan their PR campaign for the year ahead or they work with a PR agency that doesn’t understand the construction sector. In our experience, both have the same outcomes and that is missed sales and branding opportunities.

It is important that your PR company understands the construction sector because, like most industry sectors, there are multiple routes to market, with many and varied customer groups, all requiring a different message.

As a PR agency with almost two decades’ experience of the construction sector, we are able to deliver creative and effective public relations and marketing campaigns that generate results for our clients.

We focus on long-term relationships, having worked with a number of building product manufacturers for over a decade. A significant proportion of our new business has been through recommendation and, of course, effective PR campaigns that generate results!

Our advice for anyone looking for a PR agency that they can develop a long term relationship with is to look for one where key members of the team have client-side experience. Working on the client side – whether it’s for a building product manufacturer, construction company or architects’ practice - it’s important because it gives that all-important understanding of route to market.

It is important that the PR agency you work with has these kinds of skills in the team because an understanding of the subtleties and complexities of the construction sector can make all the difference when you are looking to use your marketing communications to gain an edge over your competition.

At Dragonfly PR, we see the fact that many of our staff have worked on the client-side in the construction sector as one of our key strengths. It means we understand our clients’ needs, and can deliver creative ways of communicating with your target audience, whether it’s an architect, surveyor, builder, site manager, health & safety inspector or electrician - that we know will generate results.

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