How can PR and organic SEO help building product manufacturers get better rankings?

Creating content is typically the most time-consuming part of developing or refreshing a website – in fact, many client’s focus their attention, understandably, on the branding and design of the site, yet overlook the fact that what’s really going to get people on there is good quality content. There is a temptation, too, to create good quality content for each web page, but then not update the news or blog pages, resulting in the site looking ‘stale’ to Google bots.

In some cases, if you manufacture a niche building product for a particular target market and your customers uses few, neatly defined search terms, and you don’t have much competition, you might just get away with it. Might. Those kinds of situations however, are few and far between. With nearly 650m websites in the world, you have to use whatever is available to make your site stand out from the crowd. In these situations there really is no substitute for supporting your site with a mix of organic SEO and PR.

Organic SEO is one of those terms that sounds impressive and is often used by marketing agencies to describe something that is far more straightforward than you would imagine. So, an organic SEO strategy for building product manufacturers simply means keeping your website up to date with good quality content. That can range from regular new stories, blogs or case studies, and that’s the point, Google doesn’t differentiate between them, but simply searches for key words within the text. So whether it’s a blog or a case study, search engines are going to like the fact that your website is constantly updated and so is more likely to place it higher up the rankings.

Working alongside organic SEO, to create a really effective communications strategy for building product manufacturers is PR or public relations. By partnering with a PR agency that specialises in the construction sector you will be able to secure high quality written content on external websites, which could include valuable trade magazines such as Building or Construction Enquirer. These construction industry magazines and websites usually have tens of thousands of followers and any article about your company will have a link back to your website. That’s exactly the type of thing that Google likes and so again will give your website more credibility and priority in search engine rankings.

As part of an effective communications strategy you will also need social media and this falls within the remit of SEO. Although social media isn’t a direct Google ranking factor, there are a number of ways that it helps your SEO. Firstly, and perhaps the most obvious, it that the more shares you have on social media, the more opportunities people have to see your content and link to it. You also have to bear in mind that there are around 2 billion social media users, so it makes sense to use a medium that the majority of people in the world are using – to let them know about your product or service. It’s also worth bearing in mind that click-through rates can impact search engine rankings.

Unveiling a new website is a much anticipated event in any company. However, many businesses think that once they’ve done it the job is finished, and they can expect thousands of people visiting the site. However, without an effective communications strategy that is not going to happen. In reality all that is needed is a coordinated approach between organic SEO, PR and social media that keeps your website up to date.

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