How Digital PR can benefit your business

Digital PR is a highly effective method of delivering an online content marketing strategy, which means it is now widely used by businesses to increase their online presence. As one of the leading digital PR agencies in Yorkshire, we remain in regular contact with online magazine editors, bloggers and social media influencers so that when we send them high quality written content in the form of press releases, articles, white papers and case studies, they are more likely to use it and with a backlink. These backlinks are essential for improving your SEO.

In fact, search engine algorithms look for good quality links. Google is even on record as stating that links would continue to be one of the top ranking factors for websites. ‘ranking without links is really hard’, they have reported in recent bulletins.

So how do we create these really good backlinks that help your website rank highly on search engines? The key, now that Google has quite rightly put a stop to black hat SEO tactics to gain rankings, is consistently adding good quality written content. This is what we do.

If your website hasbacklinks from trusted sources – and with an ongoing campaign we can build up multiple links – it signals to Google that your brand is a valuable resource. As a result, search engines are much more likely to place you on page one, especially as we ensure our digital content creation includes all the relevant keywords.

It’s easy, really; websites with more quality backlinks earn a higher ranking in search results and therefore gain a higher level of visitors. At Dragonfly PR we are able to create high quality content that is both effective at increasing your search rankings and becoming a useful reference point for potential customers.

Using our proven experience in writing engaging content, combined with our digital PR expertise, allows us to create news that journalists, bloggers and industry commentators want to link to.

Both external and internal back links are important to a successful SEO and online marketing strategy. That’s why we work on optimising internal links across your site, too, so that each page directs people to the next, which can help keep visitors on the site for longer. We also include links to your website on other platforms such as social media.

Our Digital PR service focuses on online publications and building brand awareness. As part of this we regularly achieve coverage for our clients in online journals, blog posts and we also sescure mentions from social media influencers – all good for generating those all-important back links to your website.

With a background in writing high quality content for white papers, articles and thought leadership pieces, we are one of the leading professional SEO companies in Yorkshire.

Dragonfly PR is a Sheffield-based agency that specialises in event management, PR and content marketing for b2b particularly construction, manufacturing and food companies.

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