How do I measure the effectiveness of PR?

We recently began working with a company that manufactures building products and an important element of their brief was that the PR strategy should incorporate a quantifiable method of measuring the results. The company choose to partner with Dragonfly PR, opting for PR, social media and digital marketing, because we incorporated this measurement tool as part of our proposal, and because it would inform them of the effectiveness of our PR campaign.

Our PR campaigns for the construction sector work, we know that, but it is fantastic when we hear how they have generated business for a client. One particular client that was looking for a PR company that specialised in the B2B sector let us know that one of our articles we had written on their behalf for a quarrying magazine had resulted in an order for over £6,500. With further orders to follow from this new customer (and for years to come), the value of that article – a white paper style piece – has the potential to run to tens’ of thousands of pounds.

Of course, when we carry out our PR campaigns for construction sector companies it is always difficult to make a link between a press article and a specific order, although it was done in this case because our client asked the new customer where they had heard about their products and services. They were happy to say that they had read an article and even referred our client to the online version of it.

In most cases, our clients simply benefit from an increase in sales enquiries and so the questions is; how do you measure that in terms of success? For us, as a full services agency that specialises in the construction sector, it means providing new clients with quantifiable market research that informs them of exactly where they stand in the market currently. We focus on factors such as brand recognition, brand perception and brand awareness, before moving on to specifics such as number of sales leads and visits to their website from external blogs and magazine articles. All of this provides an accurate assessment of their market positioning, which we can also use to refine the PR strategy.

We then follow this up at regular intervals in order to track how awareness of our clients brand has increased since we began implementation of the PR campaign and digital marketing programme. That provides all our clients within the building products manufacturing and construction sectors with quantifiable data on their return on investment from PR.

As a specialist agency, we are able to provide our clients with impactful, persuasive PR campaigns. PR has been shown to be 7 times more effective than advertising and infinitely longer lasting. This last point is important because many of our clients have reduced their pay per click spend (PPC) and allocated more to PR because they know that our online articles continue to provide valuable SEO benefits long after PPC, which stops immediately when the campaign ends.

Ultimately, PR and digital media campaigns for the construction and manufacturing sector that are implemented using our measurement framework allow us to provide clients with an effective yardstick of its success. In many cases this is supplemented by specific examples from their sales team showing where real orders have been the outcome of a press article or blog.

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