How do we celebrate our company's anniversary?

All major anniversaries are worth celebrating and we’ve worked with many of our B2B clients to put together a communications strategy for their 10th, 25th, 40th, 50th, 60th and even 100th anniversaries!

We have worked with a wide range of companies in the constructionmanufacturing and industrial sectors to help them celebrate. Here are our top 5 tips for making the most of your anniversary:

  1. Don’t race to the finish

If your business has been trading for a certain number of years, make the whole year the anniversary, rather than, for instance, putting all your effort into celebrating the actual day when the company was incorporated. Drip feeding a range of anniversary events throughout the year will allow your PR agency to put together a much clearer and more powerful communications strategy.

  1. Show a timeline

There’s nothing works as well and gives a new customer confidence in you than to show a timeline of major events in your company’s history. This can extend all the way back to the day the business was formed, showing all the major new products and responses to changes in regulatory standards. It’s a great way to show that your business is adaptable, whilst responding to the needs of customers. Your whole communications strategy could be based around telling the story through this timeline.

Maximise awareness of your timeline by incorporating it onto your website and sharing it through social media, which will mean it is seen by the greatest number of people.

  1. Be creative

It needn’t be about the number of years that your business has been established. For example, if you manufacture extrusions, then why not celebrate your one millionth metre of product leaving the production line. Alternatively, if you manufacture flooring coverings, use examples that people can relate to – for example, the equivalent number of football pitches covered is a good one - in order to get the message across that you are the supplier to partner with.

  1. Share your celebration

People like to be associated with a success story, so if you are looking to reach a wider audience, invite a local VIP to an official event. Whether it’s the mayor, MP or other dignitary, a quick tour of the factory, photography with your staff and cutting of a cake is all you need to gain those column inches in the trade and regional press.

  1. Involve your staff

An effective communications strategy for a B2B anniversary needs to involve the people that have helped your business become the success that it is today. As well as the people currently working in the business, invite veterans who have retired, for a reunion. Providing this opportunity for people to celebrate together can give your employees added motivation to continue pushing the business towards the next milestone.

The most effective anniversary campaigns should integrate with your wider communications strategy. By doing this, you can make sure that your business makes the most of the next significant milestone.

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