How do we maximise impact of your webinar?

Here we take a look at the best ways of maximising your webinar:

  1. Issue a well written-well targeted press release

Press releases are a great way to announce your webinar and give your customers an insight into why they should attend. We upload them to our client’s News page on their website and send them out to editors in the manufacturing and construction press. We’ve just written a press release for a client in the construction sector and this has been sent to all the architectural press. When we issue a press release we include a link to the webinar registration page to make sure you get the people to sign up. This can be Zoom , Teams or other online platform.

The press release should include an attention-grabbing headline such as – How will urban design change over the next 10 years – which is broad enough to generate interest and sets the scene for a webinar that will appear to architects and specifiers. Although the press release should give an outline of webinar content, resist going into too much detail, but rather leave an element off intrigue so that people want to sign up.

  1. Organise a Solus email

If you really want to boost the number of architects and construction professionals that sign up to your webinar, we recommend to our clients that we organise a solus email. What is important here is that you choose an industry magazine that is relevant to the webinar. We recently organised a solus email with Construction News for a client that targets Tier 1 and Tie 2 major contractors. With over 10,000 opted in subscribers to Construction News, it really boosted the number of registrations and made the webinar a huge success, resulting in significant new sales leads for our client.

Most construction sector titles offer solus emails. What is important is choosing the leading magazine title in each sector – the one that gets the most registrations - and we can guide clients with this using our experience of supporting other webinars.

  1. Make the best use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an important tool when it comes to promoting your webinar. We guide clients towards several different methods of doing this. This includes sponsored posts, which are very effective especially when we target specific customers (job title, location, sector etc). InMail works in a similar way and we can target specific customers with invitations to the webinar.

We recently ran a sponsored post in LinkedIn to maximise the number of people that registered for our client’s cladding webinar. With a budget of £25 per day, we had over 200 clicks through to the Zoom registration page within the first week; a highly cost effective and targeted way of maximising the number of architects and building contractors that attended the webinar.

  1. Send email invitations

Using your existing customer database is an important part of promoting your webinar directly to people that already know your company. We write the email and send it out on behalf of our clients using a bespoke email campaign builder. The great thing about our platform is that it allows us to report to the client who has opened the email, how many have clicked through to the registration page and how many have signed up. Timing is important with emails to get the most people to the webinar and we have specific days and times before the webinar when we know we get the best response.

  1. Combine it with an exhibition

It’s important to look at the webinar timing and location and over the years we have found that combining a webinar with an exhibition that you are attending is an excellent way to maximise sign ups. We have just organised and promoted a webinar for a construction sector client that is attending UK Construction Week. We recommended booking a meeting room at the NEC away from the exhibition stands and then using the methods discussed in this blog to maximise number of sign ups.

The great thing about holding a webinar (strictly speaking, this is live rather than on the web, so is a seminar) at an exhibition is that the people who you are targeting are at the trade exhibition anyway. That makes them far more likely to sign up to attend. It helps, too, if you have a speaker that your target audience really value, for example, a speaker from an industry association or an influential government Minister or TV personality.

There are many ways to support a webinar or seminar, and from our experience of specialising in the construction sector, the one’s discussed in this blog give the best results in terms of sign ups and, ultimately, sales leads.

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