How manufacturers can make the most of trade shows - top tips part 2

Five top tips on how to make the most of trade exhibitions

1.Secure a speaking slot

Speaker slots are usually secured around 12 months in advance, for exhibitions like MACH.  The best way to do this is to produce an outline synopsis of what you wish to speak about in around 300 words.  We can assist with writing these and negotiating them in with exhibition directors, following up with them regularly to ensure inclusion.  Often these speaker slots are free and based on merit, occasionally they are sponsored, depending on the exhibition.

2.Don’t waste money on expensive gimmicks/giveaways

These days, there’s no need to spend money on large amounts of giveaways or branded bags – these are seen as being bad for the environment, particularly plastic goods.  Simple gifts like pens or notebooks, made from sustainable materials, may be a nice touch if you wish to have giveaways on the stand – don’t forget to save some for the editors who visit too!

3.Press offices are online these days

In the past, companies produced huge printed press packs with information for journalists, which were stored in press rooms.  These days, most press rooms, as is the case for MACH, are online and press information can simply be uploaded to the site by exhibitions.  Some exhibitions still have a physical press room though, where you can store very small press packs made up simple of a company folder with a USB filled with press releases and photos.  This is all that is needed.  Editors will contact you for any extra info they require.  It is worth remembering that these days press rooms are places where editors go to relax, meet and network, so is a good place to catch up with anyone you can’t tempt onto the stand!

4.Use digital and video content, where possible

Often in the manufacturing sector, it can be difficult to showcase actually what you do through exhibition boards.  It is important to make it interactive, through videos and Virtual Reality (VR) technology.    Videos have moved away from being a corporate mouthpiece to focusing on the people, their skills and the ethos of the company. With VR technology, it is possible to engage visitors by allowing them to simulate processes used in a factory, such as robotics and prototyping new designs.  Having this type of technology on a stand always attracts interest and helps to demonstrate just how technologically advanced a business is.

5.Don’t forget to share, share, share

It’s worth speaking to your team who will be manning the stand beforehand to make sure they are fully au fait with what they need to do for social media.  Most importantly, let them know to check out the background of who/what is on any photos and avoid taking shots of people drinking alchohol!  During the show, staff should be encouraged to share photos and updates from the stand Live, so they appear on the Company Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter pages, these can then be shared by other staff around the business – and this should be encouraged.  Tweeting about who they’ve met and what they’ve done can generate interest and more traffic to their stand – happy posting and good luck for your next show!

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