How PR can help construction and manufacturing companies grow

The manufacturing sector has started 2018 with a record level of activity, however there are some areas of both manufacturing and construction that could benefit from Public Relations support to help them to achieve their growth objectives.

Many firms that operate in these sectors may currently be putting together their marketing budget and PR strategy for this year. Those that choose to invest in a dedicated B2B PR campaign should see a marked improvement in enquiries and website visitors, that is, if they have partnered with the right PR agency. Usually that means one that specialises in B2B PR or, even better PR for the construction sector.

If you are a company that is looking for help with B2B PR, there are a number of factors that you should look out for when seeking a new PR company. First and foremost, they should understand the route to market. Construction, and to some extent manufacturing, have quite specific routes to market, with products and services usually being ‘specified’ by a variety of people. This can range from architects, quantity surveyors or main or sub-contractors in the construction sector, through to engineers, plant managers and purchasing departments in the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

Whichever sector you operate, 2018 is a great time to gain the maximum benefits from a coordinated B2B PR campaign. Magazine editors as well as online sites are all looking for interesting case studies and articles about the industry. So, if you feel as though your approach to B2B PR could do with a refresh, we can help!

As a PR company that specialises in B2B PR, we know how to get press coverage for your product or service. Here are our top three tips:

Make it new

Any new construction product is newsworthy although you need to resist the temptation to send out a blanket press release. To generate the best results, tailor the press release to specific markets and adapt the message accordingly. Although it may take more time, the results are definitely worth it.

Make it quirky

That can include a photograph or unusual use of your product. We’ve had many examples of where this has helped our clients, ranging from a wireless fire alarm being specified for the new American Embassy in London, to getting a photograph of Rick Stein standing on our client’s new anti-slip decking!

Make it timely

Most of the press work to an agreed media schedule so, for example, if you know that they are focusing on cladding in February, make sure you send them all your new, quirky or other relevant cladding case studies!

So far, 2018 has begun with increased confidence from businesses across many sectors. Now is the time to make the most of this renewed optimism and partner with a PR agency that really understands B2B PR and specifically construction PR and manufacturing PR. For your business, that could make all the difference in 2018.

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