How PR can help manufacturers and b2b companies to expand into international markets

Brexit came as a surprise to many people and especially UK manufacturers. The EU as a whole is the UK's largest trading partner, accounting for 44% of exports and in 2017, UK exports to the EU were worth £276m. Uncertainty about future deals with EU countries has left some manufacturers fearing that they could lose out on important contracts.

In a recent survey, 72 per cent of manufacturers said they had confidence in overseas trade and that conditions are good for growth, yet 67% said Brexit is making planning difficult and is damaging business prospects. In these times of uncertainty, many manufacturers are turning to PR agencies that specialise in manufacturing, like Dragonfly PR, to help to raise their profile and generate enquiries on an international basis.

What these companies recognise is that PR agencies that have expertise in manufacturing and international trade media can provide that vital link in securing much needed global press coverage.

For many years, we have been building relationships with the international trade media though targeting PR strategies. We are now increasingly being asked to devise an international PR strategy that addresses each of a manufacturers' global markets. Our expertise in writing for different markets, excellent links with technical translation experts and contacts in the international media, means we can assist UK manufacturers in reaching out to a global audience and extending their market presence.

When searching for a PR agency, it is always worthwhile looking for one that has international trade media contacts and can therefore negotiate media coverage, without the need to advertise. Gone are the days when a press release written in English could be sent out to every type of international trade media, now there is a very real need to tailor editorials to suit a particular style of magazine and in a language that suits their audience.

The majority of international trade media are looking for thought leadership articles that are written by companies that discuss an industry issue or give an insight into solving a problem. These must be written in a generic style but portray the company as an authority on the subject. Here at Dragonfly PR we are skilled in drafting thought leadership articles on a wide range of manufacturing and construction-related topics. These have generated great results for our clients, helping to position them as experts, raise their profile and generate more sales enquiries.

Take, for example, our client AMETEK Land. This is a business that produces temperature measurement equipment and combustion emissions monitoring products for a wide range of international markets, including aluminium, glass, metals, energy. Our PR campaigns include securing articles in many key international magazines such as Light Metal Age, GlassWorldwide, Aluminium International Today, Gasworld, UniversedeVerre...

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