How to align PR and SEO in the construction sector

When it comes to digital marketing, content creation, PR and SEO, it’s always best to have a clear strategy of what you are trying to achieve.

Recent changes in SEO means that content creation – the foundation of PR – is essential to make your product or service stand out against all the other competing brands vying for attention.

  1. Good SEO is based on quality written content

In the past, it was common for building product manufacturers and construction firms to have a separate, external agency for PR and SEO. That’s changing now, though, as pure SEO agencies often struggle to generate quality content, which is why PR agencies with the right in-house technical skills are best placed to deliver an integrated digital marketing strategy.

PR professionals can have a hugely positive impact when it comes to online earned media via SEO and keyword rankings. That because the content we create is interesting in its own right and that’s usually a good sign that it is valued by customers searching online.

  1. PR can help you generate good quality links

A highly effective way of generating those important backlinks to your website is to have your PR and SEO team working together on an integrated strategy. So, if the PR team are optimising the links in all their earned media coverage it will boost the rankings of your SEO. Our PR team work alongside our in-house SEO team to create these links via press releases, case studies and thought leadership articles.

  1. Align messages across multiple platforms

Having an integrated PR and SEO campaign is a really effective way of making sure you have a consistent message across all platforms. It also means you can increase the impact of, for example, a press release by issuing it at the same time on both traditional PR platforms and SEO. Sharing and amplifying content in this way ensures that your brand performs better in search rankings.

  1. Blogging works for SEO and PR

In many ways this reinforces the point that PR and SEO both rely on good quality content creation. High-quality content is the key to ranking well in search engines results and on-page optimisation helps with this. There’s no question that search engines such as Google ignore suspect content, meaning that if you stuff your website with keywords for example, the search engines will view you less favourably.

That’s where we can help. By taking an integrated approach our PR and SEO teams can make sure that you are including the right keywords and phrases, mainly those that your customers are searching for, on your website.

  1. Keep your website up to date

That leads us on to the fifth reason why PR and SEO are more effective if done by an integrated digital marketing agency like us and that is because they can take over the task of keeping your website up to date. It makes sense, really, when you think about it, because if we are generating content for magazines such as Construction News and Building as well as bloggers and forums, we can also keep your website fresh, too. That really counts with search engines, because if you don’t update it and add to the content regularly, they’ll tend to rank you lower than other building product manufacturers that do.

So there you have it. Our PR and SEO teams have skills and resources that, when shared as part of an integrated approach, deliver more effective communication outreach strategies for our clients. Why have two marketing agencies when a single, highly effective PR and SEO agency can generate better results, including more sales leads.

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