How to build a PR & digital marketing campaign around sustainability

According to the World Green Building Council, the construction industry generated a total of 35 per cent of energy related CO2 emissions globally in 2020.  Here in the UK, the Green Building Council, estimates that buildings are currently responsible for 25 per cent of total UK greenhouse gas emissions.   The construction industry currently has some clear challenges ahead:  how to reduce its Carbon Emissions and how to communicate what it is doing to address climate change and enhance sustainability.

This is where Dragonfly PR as a Construction sector PR agency comes in.  We work with clients to demonstrate the green credentials of their projects, whether they be residential, commercial, social housing or industrial.  We also work with building product manufacturers to ensure that architects, contractors, developers and homeowners are aware of the sustainability of their products and services.

So what should companies do to ensure they are at the forefront in the search for Sustainable products or services?

Zero Carbon plan

It is important for building product manufacturers and contractors to have a Zero Carbon plan.  For many companies this means developing a plan to achieve net zero by 2030.  Do you need help with developing a PR and digital marketing campaign to support your roadmap to net zero? Then talk to our PR team on 0114 349 5341 or email

Become the thought leader on green issues

A PR campaign is vitally important to continually reinforce the message about the sustainability credentials of a business. 

For example, your Sustainability Manager could become the thought leader in your industry on sustainability, with articles secured across the trade media. Sustainability is vitally important these days in many sectors, from social housing to commercial projects.   Whether you are a manufacturer of sustainable products for the home, office or industry, our PR team can put together a PR schedule containing all relevant magazine features that we would target to ‘sell in’ our by-lined articles written on behalf of your company.

One client we work with is living wall designer and manufacturer, Biotecture, for whome we showcase how their innovative green walls are helping to enhance the sustainability credentials of many developments.  The articles, plus eyecatching photography, really does have a great response from the media.

SEO keywords focusing on sustainable issues

At the outset of the campaign, we would carry out research and devise a list of sustainable keywords relevant to your products and services that we would be targeting.  We would carefully incorporate these keywords into your articles, blogs and news stories, to enhance your SEO credentials in relation to sustainability and the green agenda.

Social media plan with sustainable hashtags

We are already aware of a number of sustainable hashtags to use in relation to our clients in the construction sector.  This means we can design social media campaigns that maximise interest and generate more engagement and follows.  For example, using relevant ‘green’ hashtags on Linkedin means your posts appear in search results of people who follow these particular hashtags.  It could be that a CEO or buyer of a major architecture firm or tier 1 contractor company starts seeing your posts and engages with your business, after seeing your posts on Linkedin.

If you would like a non-obligation discussion about your PR or digital marketing requirements to enhance awareness of the sustainability of your brand, please contact our team on 0114 349 5341 or email

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