How to drive sales leads with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has emerged as a powerful platform for B2B businesses looking to increase their brand recognition and generate sales leads. With its highly engaged professional audience, the platform has therefore become an essential part of our PR and digital strategies. And we frequently use it for clients in the construction and manufacturing sectors to drive sales leads with LinkedIn.

In this blog, we'll explore some of the tactics that we use as a B2B PR agency to generate high quality sales leads for our clients on LinkedIn.

  1. Establish a strong LinkedIn presence for your staff

To kickstart our clients’ lead generation strategy on LinkedIn, we first optimise their company LinkedIn page and ensure that their executives and sales teams have a strong presence on the platform. Our content creation experts within our PR team can create a compelling LinkedIn page for your business. We make sure that it includes all relevant information, images and a link to your website. This serves as the foundation for your presence on LinkedIn.

When we create B2B LinkedIn sales lead campaigns for our clients we always consider the potential of individual employee profiles in generating sales leads. In order to do this we create personal profiles, descriptive headlines, and detailed job experiences for key personnel. We find that a consistent brand presence across all profiles builds credibility, attracts the right audience, and fosters trust among potential sales leads.


  1. Leverage the power of LinkedIn company pages

Once we have optimised your executives' profiles, we focus on creating a powerful LinkedIn page for your business. To maximise the impact of your LinkedIn page, we create and post a variety of content types, such as blog posts, infographics, case studies, and videos. We tailor this content to your target audience, which helps us engage with them, and, for example, respond quickly to comments or questions.


  1. Join LinkedIn groups and engage with your target audience

LinkedIn groups offer a valuable opportunity to help our clients connect with your target audience and establish your brand as a knowledgeable source in your chosen market sectors. We identify and recommend groups that are relevant to our clients’ businesses and then actively participate in discussions by creating content for. The fact that we specialise in the construction and manufacturing sectors means that we are always suggesting content ideas to our clients and then creating the posts.  By contributing valuable insights and expertise, we position your team as a trusted resource and that is a great way to attract sales leads.


  1. Try LinkedIn Ads and Sponsored Content

Although LinkedIn advertising may require a budget, it can be a powerful tool for reaching your target audience and generating quality leads. One particularly effective tool for lead generation is LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. These forms streamline the lead generation process by auto-populating users' LinkedIn profile information when they click on your ad. This simplifies the submission process for users, boosting lead generation efficiency. The collected data can also be seamlessly synchronised with your CRM system, ensuring smooth follow-up and nurturing of leads.

Just last week this approach generated sales leads from a Top 100 architectural practice, a large company in the demolition sector and a national provider of healthcare services, plus others, for our client that operates in the offsite construction sector.


  1. Maintain Consistency and Engage Regularly

Consistency is key when it comes to effective lead generation on LinkedIn. Our team of writers create regular, relevant content that establishes your brand as a solution provider. By posting this high quality content, we increase your chance of appearing high up on your potential new customers’ feeds and prompting them to get in touch. Plus, this familiarity makes it easier to initiate further conversations and nurture relationships with potential leads.

As part of our LinkedIn strategies for clients we respond to comments, answer questions, and actively participate in discussions where the target audience is relevant to your brand. By maintaining this consistent presence, and with high quality content, we build credibility, trust, and strong networking opportunities for your brand.



Our LinkedIn strategies focus on generating sales leads for our clients, offering great potential for them to grow their market share. By optimising your presence, leveraging LinkedIn's features, engaging with your target audience, and aligning your sales and marketing efforts, we can effectively drive lead generation for your brand.   Many of our clients put a budget towards Linkedin Premium or Linkedin Sales Navigator and this gives us even more scope to engage directly with potential customers.

As a Yorkshire PR agency that specialises in Construction and Manufacturing, we offer comprehensive LinkedIn strategies that help your brand nurture relationships, and ultimately, convince potential customers to get in touch with you. In summary, our well-executed LinkedIn lead generation strategy helps you tap into a vast network of potential new customers.

Visit our case study page to discover more about clients that have benefitted from our PR and Social media strategies.

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