How to grow your export sales

As a B2B marketing agency, we are often asked the question by UK companies; how can you help us grow our export sales?

Export sales are good for everyone. It helps businesses grow sales in new markets and as reported by the UK recovery will not be sustained by consumer spending alone. Put simple, the UK needs to export more.

Up until relatively recently, Europe has been the biggest export market for UK products and services. However, although not quite dead in the water, this economic zone, large that it is, hasn’t been growing much.

As a result, our manufacturing clients are looking further afield than Europe as a means of growing their sales and that brings us to the answer; to grow export sales cost effectively you need an integrated approach between PR in the trade magazines combined with an effective online strategy.

Get that right and the potential is huge. For instance, we are currently running a campaign for a client that is targeting the mining sector. This is a specialist area as many of the world’s mines are located in far away, inhospitable places such as deserts and frozen tundra. Even visiting these places can be difficult and so this particular client needed another way of getting the message across that their innovative products can help improve equipment reliability in a mine.

What might at first seem an insurmountable problem needn’t present an obstacle when you team up with a specialist marketing communications firm like Dragonfly PR. Our understanding of the media and ability to get across a technical subject in an informative, easily understandable way helps to get a message across to many different markets.

“Just last week we had a sharp rise in enquiries from Australia and that is wholly down to the work that Dragonfly PR has been carrying out on our behalf,” said one of our clients. “We soon realised that they had managed to get an article published in the leading Australian mining magazines! They grasped the fact that there are many ways to communicate with potential customers, which, with their writing ability, is really helping our export efforts in key target markets.”

The UK Government has stated that it wants UK exports to reach £1 trillion by 2020. As part of this, it is looking for an additional 100,000 more UK companies to be exporting by the end of the decade. If you are looking to make the most of this opportunity, then talk to us today about how we could help increase your export sales – call 01709 300130 or email

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