How to help customers find your products.

An increasing number of specifiers and engineers are using Google Images to navigate the Internet. That’s because it’s a quick and easy way to find exactly the right product they need.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the images you display on your website have the correct and full metadata as that will increase the likelihood of your product appearing higher in a search ranking.

A common mistake made by some web development agencies is not to include the full description relating to each photograph. Of course, they will include the header description and even the meta description but often fail to include essential reference codes. For example, a specifier may often search for a window or door profile by a specific colour reference, and if that isn’t included in your website metadata then you are unlikely to appear in the search results.

On the other hand, as a PR and digital marketing agency that specialises in the construction sector, if you allow us to design your website we can make sure that the correct meta description appears in full and everywhere it should.

If you do that, then you are much more likely to be found by the growing number of specifiers that are searching for products using Google Images. Take for example an architect who is looking to specify a product with a colour ‘Anthracite Pebble Stone Y1234AB’. If you offer that product then it’s essential that your metadata behind the image on your website includes this code.

Simple, but often overlooked, housekeeping such as this is necessary to keep your website performing in Google rankings. It’s also worth bearing in mind when you next upload a case study to the News section of your website – make sure that that photograph has the correct metadata (description, sub titles, plus detailed colour and material references).

Chances are that most of your competitors aren’t yet adding the full and correct metadata, and so this simple tip might just help you secure a sizable project!

As more specifiers and contractors navigate the Internet using Google Images, now’s the time to check whether your website includes comprehensive metadata. As a PR and digital marketing company that specialises in the construction sector we can ensure that your photographs have the correct signposts.

It’s not just for colours, either, if you manufacture widgets it’s just as important that you add precise metadata as, just like architects, engineers search on Google images using specific phrases such as; ‘Widget A 123mm diameter, butt welded, bronze ATEX zone 1’.

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