How to make PR work for the manufacturing sector

If, like most manufacturing companies, you produce products that are designed for a specific purpose but that wouldn’t necessarily grab the headlines every day, then you’re not alone. That’s where our Public Relations team comes in and, because we are dedicated to the manufacturing and B2B sector, we can help you gain good quality media coverage in the titles where it matters most.

When it comes to PR for the B2B sector and that includes manufacturing companies, it’s what the product does that’s important, rather than how it looks. Unlike consumer PR agencies, we have technical writers that can get beneath the surface of what a component does. To us, that’s the interesting part, and explaining it to the reader of an industry journal is what makes us tick. In the world of manufacturing, knowing how things work has always interested us and having that engineering background means we can put it across to potential new customers for our clients in an engaging way.

Plus, when it comes to PR for the manufacturing sector, we have a great track record in it too. We regularly secure coverage for our clients in leading magazines such as The Engineer, Professional Engineering, The Manufacturer and Engineering magazine. Then, of course, there are the more sector-specific publications, such as Gasworld, Diesel Progress, Railway Gazette and Aluminium International Today.

Securing regular coverage for our manufacturing clients in all relevant printed and online magazines improves visitor numbers to their websites, resulting in a healthy growth in the number of enquiries. As we all know, sales leads are essential to the health of any business and we have examples from manufacturers where our press coverage has resulted in direct orders.

Take, for example, the case of one of our manufacturing clients, which, as a result of an article we wrote in The Manufacturer, received an order worth £160,000 from a new customer. Aside from this initial order there was potential for more sales in the future and roll out to other of this particular customer’s sites. Our clients therefore all support the idea that PR is a great way for manufacturing businesses to grow sales.

Crucial to securing ongoing press coverage, as well as having an interest in the manufacturing sector and technical writers with an engineering background, involves a planned approach. Having well established media contacts also helps because it means that editors often ask us to write thought leadership articles on a specific technical theme, which positions our clients as the experts.

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