How to make the most of your video content online

“Do we need a company video or to add more to our youtube channel?”  that’s a question we are regularly asked by clients.  The answer is usually ‘yes’.  The reason being that good quality video content, which is enriched with metadata and hosted on youtube, can rank really well in search results.

Here we take a look at some of the reasons how you can make the most of your video content online:

Video helps to get you seen!

Video is one of the most popular and accessible media in which to share content.  Video allows you to grab a viewer’s interest in a couple of seconds, without them committing too much time or energy to it.  They can also be shared very easily via social media.  A quick tip is to highlight a video’s purpose at the beginning of the post, to grab their interest to click through to view!

Be clear of your message

A video is a chance to tell a story in a short space of time, leaving viewers wanting more.  Focus on one clear message in your video if it’s for use on social media.  Leave the viewer with a call to action. Remember a video can last online for several months, be aware that it needs to look professional and should portray your business in an appropriate way.

Make sure it is SEO friendly

Your video content should be optimised for the search engines.  It needs to have a strong headline and description, so it will register in searches, plus relevant hashtags.  It’s a good idea to take a look at which hashtags may be most popular by looking on Twitter analytics.  Make sure you add tags to the video to boost search engine shares across Youtube and Facebook.

Maximise on trending topics

Video can give a brand a strong voice and allows you to take advantage of trending topics, news stories and other content that goes viral.  Youtube’s audience is looking for up to date topical info, so anything that is trending or seasonal will get better pick up.  Producing a video looking at the latest trends or top tips on a topic usually generates a lot of interest.

Let your staff do the talking

Talking heads videos work really well – this is where your staff tell the story for you.  In these, we don’t recommend you put forward your MD or CEO on video, but often a receptionist, apprentice or longstanding machine operator can come across much better and be more authentic.  We recommend taking footage of staff showing what they actually do in the workplace, showing different aspects of their work, such as the laboratory, the design studio, marketing, production, finishing and recycling.  Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment, so anything that shows this in a fun, upbeat, non-preachy way is always welcome.

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