How to stand out on social media in a traditional industry

Construction and manufacturing may be seen as ‘traditional’ industries, so you might think that they need to conform to traditional marketing styles, but that could actually hinder your B2B marketing campaigns. In this blog we look at how businesses in construction and manufacturing industries can surpass their competitors with more creative social media strategies.


The world of social media thrives on ‘trend culture’ and it is not out of reach for B2B companies to jump on trends and take advantage of them!

Something that all companies need to remember is that your potential customers have lives outside of work. So, although Instagram or TikTok aren’t normally associated with construction and manufacturing, the people that work at those companies may use those platforms in their spare time! You want your company to be in front of potential clients at all times…especially when they are not thinking about work. Then, when they are looking for a construction/manufacturing company, their first thought will be you!

Trending audios for Reels/TikToks are a great way to boost your content on Instagram/TikTok, as the platform will push your content to more users. Don’t be afraid to take risks, or to be the first in your industry, there’s always got to be a first!

Although B2B marketing content is typically very corporate, it doesn’t have to be. Banks, such as Monzo, are taking social media by storm with their marketing style, breaking the norm for such a corporate industry. We all know that ‘people’ posts perform better on social media! The marketing manager, or an industry expert within your business could make a short ‘tricks of the trade video, or a ‘day in the life’ video. This will show your potential customers behind the scenes of your business, and an insight into what your company values and driving forces are.

Collaborations with other brands or influencers

Influencer marketing is an under-used tool for B2B marketers, for the exact same reason that trends are, it’s not the norm for construction and manufacturing industries! Now, we aren’t telling you to get Kim Kardashian to promote your new insulation product, but there are plenty of relevant influencers out there that you can work with! Check out our blog on how influencer marketing is the dark horse for a successful campaign in the manufacturing industry.

Long-term collaborations with influencers in the manufacturing/construction industries (they do exist!) are the key to success, and inevitably, more sales. Influencers and followers have a relationship, as they share so much of their lives/jobs. So, if an influencer works with your company on a long-term basis, showing off your products, then their followers will believe that the influencer is a fan of your company, leading to more sales.

All you have to do is:

  • Follow any relevant influencers in your industry
  • Let your PR agency reach out to them, telling them all about what you do!
  • Give them a free product or service to start the ball rolling
  • Let their honest opinions and follower relations do the rest!

Be creative!

Sticking with the same social media strategy year on year will deliver the same results. It sounds obvious, but there are lots of B2B companies that think there are set ways they have to use social media. When in reality, the more out of the box your idea, the more likely it is to pay off! Granted, it doesn’t always work, and you don’t want to reach the wrong audience, but what’s the worst that can happen?

Creativity is the key to success on social media, which is why we urge our clients to switch up their strategies wherever possible. We work with our clients to set goals for each social media campaign and then we put the strategy together that will drive results. We take care of the creative side, so that they can focus on their day-to-day!

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