Integrated PR and social media

Until relatively recently building product manufacturers used traditional methods of PR to communicate the features and benefits of their products. This usually comprised of monthly or quarterly press releases, sent to various editors in the construction press. Things have moved on considerably since then, although it is still important to send regular press rele ases and case studies to the key trade media.

PR has now become much faster paced and more responsive. In that sense it is the perfect complement to these traditional methods of communicating how your building products and solutions help specifiers and contractors. These new ways of communicating with your customer includes blogs, social media, forums, LinkedIn groups and ezines.

At Dragonfly PR we specialise in the construction sector and work with a number of building product manufacturers, which means we can use our knowledge of the industry to write interesting and persuasive articles, social media posts and blogs. It’s an advantage, too, that we offer a fully integrated communication programmes for building product manufacturers, so we can ensure that the messages are pushed out to all media platforms.

Being able to generate this high quality written material gives us excellent content to use on Twitter, LinkedIn and LinkedIn Pulse, Facebook and blogs. It helps that we have an in-depth understanding of the construction sector and know which platforms specifiers and contractors like to use to find information about a product or service. For instance, did you know that around a third of contractors and builders use Twitter to source products?

Being based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the North of England, means that we are really at the heart of manufacturing territory, with a particularly high concentration of building product manufacturers within an hour’s travel of our office.

So, we can see that integrated PR and social media programmes for construction companies are an essential part of communicating effectively and persuasively with your customers. Finding us is easier than you think, in fact, if you do a search for ‘PR company construction sector’ or any other similar term we rank in the top three on Google. But, then you’d expect that, because if we can’t get to the top of a Google search what chance do we have of helping building product manufacturers achieve that position!

If you are a building product manufacturer or contractor that is looking for a PR company that specialises in the construction sector, we can help. Visit our website to find out more: or call us on: 01709 300130.

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