Kickstart your PR after the lockdown

So it has been a really strange 15 months.  The lockdown forced us all to work in ways we never imagined.   Now it’s a common occurrence to hold virtual meetings over Zoom or Teams or to attend a virtual exhibition or host a webinar – the technology is there and easy to use.

However, even though we are almost out of the lockdown here in the UK,  some businesses are still holding off committing to a PR or digital marketing campaign this year.  Here are five reasons why now is the RIGHT time to crack on with your PR & digital marketing campaign.

  1. Meet the post lockdown upsurge

Many industries, like construction, are experiencing a huge surge in demand for products, it is therefore really important that building product manufacturers have good visibility in the magazines and online, so they can secure extra sales.  A couple of our clients have reported that, due to the PR and SEO campaign we run for them, they have secured major deals with construction contractors that they don’t normally deal with, as they have been able to demonstrate that they have products available to buy.  Our advice is to get in touch with our PR team and we can promote your products and services to main contractors and architects -the time is right!

  1. Take advantage of better and easier online trading

Customers expect they will be able to order and buy goods online today, even if they are high value purchases.  The trick is to make the customer experience as seamless as possible.  We can advise you on the best media to use to get your brand seen and we can also put together a social media campaign to spread your reach even further.  We work hard to secure backlinks on high domain authority websites, such as key trade magazines, as well as regional and national press, which again adds credibility to your brand. We can make a really big difference in generating new backlinks to your website, the result is your brand achieves a better ranking and more website traffic.

  1. Your customers want to read about you

If you are a manufacturer, building products company or food trade supplier, then the likelihood is that customers will want to read about you.  Research has shown that during the lockdown there has been an upsurge in readership of online journals.  So whilst some of the main trade media had a temporary halt on print versions, they became hubs of information and news on products, services and industry news, whilst all the rest of the world was focused on COVID.  This appetite for news on new products and services has not lessened since the lockdown measures have eased and we are finding that editors are readily picking up on our press releases and agreeing to thought leadership articles on all manner of topics for our clients.

  1. Demonstrate what’s new and innovative

Technological advancements, whether it be in advanced manufacturing, in lighter weight materials, or in construction products that have a lower carbon footprint or the ability to be recycled.  Whatever your advancement or product innovation, you need to spread the news to the trade press and where relevant regional and national press.  This can lead to a huge upsurge in traffic to your website, so be prepared, you may be taking more online orders than you expected!  After so much doom and gloom with Covid, editors are looking for positive news stories that show innovation. So if you have something new you’d like to get out, why not get in touch with our PR team to see how we can help.

  1. You’ll see a major impact on sales through your website

The time is certainly right to re-evaluate where you sit on google, compared to competitors and to talk to us about organic ways to improve your ranking.  Having a digital PR/organic SEO campaign in place can make a huge difference to how you rank for keywords and what that means in terms of increasing traffic to your website.

According to Moz, the first page of Google captures 71% of search traffic clicks and has been reported to be as high as 92% in recent years.  If you commit to an organic SEO campaign with Dragonfly PR you can be assured of a much improved search engine ranking, due to authentic content creation and expert keyword targeting.

So to kickstart your PR or digital marketing campaign, get in touch with our friendly, professional team by calling 0114 349 5341 or email

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