Mobile friendly websites get a friendly boost!

For a while now, Google has been penalising websites which are not mobile friendly, and which provide a bad experience to the mobile user. In a bid to encourage more website owners to become mobile compatible, Google is now experimenting with rewarding those who do so with a ranking boost.Mobile friendly website

Google’s experimentation with boosting the rankings of a website which gives a positive experience for a mobile user comes as a natural progression from rewarding these websites with a “mobile friendly” label in search snippets.

As well as Google’s valiant efforts, penalisations and rewards to go mobile-friendly, there are many other reasons why your site should make the shift. Here’s a list of the ones we think are vital:

  1. The rise of the internet – and mobile internet

The number of internet users is expected to pass a staggering three billion in 2015, and with 60% (and rising) of internet access carried out on a mobile device, it is no longer logical to presume and rely on your customer accessing the internet via a PC.

  1. The smart phone storm

Smart phones have played a huge part in the increase of mobile internet over the years, and with an estimated 61% of us now using them, it is no wonder why! There’s no sign of this calming down, and with new devices and models being released frequently, more and more of us will be tempted to make the shift.

  1. It is not App-ening

Some website owners choose to go down the route of designing an app to perform similar functions to a mobile-friendly website to target their mobile users. These apps are not compatible with all devices, and designing one for even the most common phone / tablet will leave potential customers on other appliances alienated.

  1. Maps and GPS go hand in hand

Including a map on a mobile-friendly website can lead to quick and easy sales. The majority of users of mobile devices are away from their home / office and may be looking for your location. Pair the map with GPS from a mobile device and your customer could be on their way to you in no time.

Having a mobile friendly site doesn’t mean having to completely re-design your website – we can produce a more compact, mobile version for a cost effective price. Your websites (mobile and desktop) will both have the same URL, and if a user attempts to access your website on a mobile device, they will automatically be navigated to your mobile friendly page.

If you are wondering whether your website is mobile friendly, Google has a tool to let you quickly and easily find out whether it is designed for mobile devices. Have a go, here.

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