New year new agency

The start of the New Year is a really great time to find a PR and digital marketing agency with whom you can enjoy a long-term partnership.

But why is it such a great chance to change?

The pandemic has tested out the strengths of many industries and the PR industry is no different.  Well managed, professional companies have managed to stand firm, whilst more volatile, less stable businesses have disappeared, leaving clients with no support.  Those of us remaining are stronger and more confident in our abilities than ever and are now looking to help and support more businesses to grow.

Businesses which don’t have a PR agency are finding that to compete, they need that extra support with raising awareness, improving their SEO and managing their social media.  In quarter 4 of 2021, we received a record number of enquiries from business-to-business firms looking for an experienced PR agency with digital marketing skills, who could help them to generate great content, whilst improving their ranking with Google.

A consistent PR and digital marketing campaign is the very best way to help your company to return to growth after the pandemic.  If you are a retailer of cosmetics, a clothing brand or a law firm, then we are not the right people for you.  But if you are a manufacturer of building products, a contractor providing services to the construction or civil engineering industry, a producer of goods for industry or a food processing company, then we might just be right up your street.

Here at Dragonfly PR our dedicated PR and digital marketing team are focused on delivering the following:

SEO and content campaigns that generate results

Social media to elevate your company, brand and products

Public Relations to create the awareness and credibility you need both in magazines, press and the online media and blogs

It’s not complicated – we make it easy!

We make no apologies for this blog being a little salesy.  We have been told many times that we don’t shout loud enough about what we do and the results we achieve for clients.

With Dragonfly PR, what you see is what you get. We don’t give you false promises, we provide real evidence of tried and proven PR techniques.  We’re a down to earth agency that simply works hard and generates results.  If you want wining and dining in London every month, if you want taking to Ascot or Champagne lunches, then unfortunately we’re not for you.  We charge competitive prices and deliver on our promises, giving you a good value, dedicated service with no hidden costs. 

When we meet with you and say we’re going to do something, then we do it.  We’re true to our word and keep clients happy with long term relationships lasting over 10 years by delivering what we say we will.  Most agencies over promise and under deliver.  They send out the first team and do a wow presentation with their experienced business development team, then once you’ve signed on the line, they send in the junior team to try and do the work and find they can’t deliver. 

We’re not interested in getting involved in pitch scenarios against a long list of competitors, which is wasteful of everyone’s time and resources.

What we will offer you is a review of your complete PR and social media or SEO requirements, without obligation.  If you like our approach and ideas then we put a 12 month ROADMAP together, which is a content campaign containing all relevant media, social media and SEO tactics, with a budget.  Once agreed, you can leave us to go ahead and implement the whole campaign, giving you weekly or monthly updates and reporting back on achieving of targets along the way.  At six and 12 months, we give you a complete review of the campaign to make sure we are on track with achieving your objectives.

The results we deliver often exceed client’s expectations.  We go the extra mile.  We’ll work when you need us to – what drives us is our passion for growing our client’s businesses – if you are a success then we are a success, it’s a win win!

So why not stop wasting time with over-rated expensive PR company based in the city centres.  Visit us in our Fox Valley offices near Sheffield, in the heart of Yorkshire, where the people are friendly and our team are committed and hard working.  I guarantee you won’t regret it.

To talk to our PR, Social Media or SEO teams, email or call 0114 349 5341.

Dragonfly PR is a Sheffield-based PR and digital marketing agency that specialises in media relations, content marketing and organic SEO for construction and manufacturing companies.

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