Office skills- ‘how to’ make the perfect cup of tea

So, you’ve recently graduated and now have branched out into the exciting world of PR.  Of course, there’s lots to learn, press cuttings, Google Analytics, Twitter reports, branding, so much your head may be spinning, but what about making the perfect cup of tea!  This age-old art is dying somewhat as often graduates coming into PR these days just drink soft drinks or cold drinks, but certainly not tea or coffee.  But what about when the client comes in to a meeting and guess what, you’ve been asked to make a cup of tea. It may sound odd, but the way you handle this situation and present yourself and the clients drink does matter. So what do you do? Go into a mild panic, or chill out and read this simple guide to making the perfect cup of tea.

  1. Make sure you choose the right cup

You should always have a selection of different types of cups and mugs in the office that are there for client use only. Ensure that the cups aren’t branded to another company and are clean and presentable.

  1. Ask how they like their tea, weak, strong, builders?

You should never assume how a client takes their tea, in fact they may even want coffee! Even if you have made them a drink in the past, it is always polite to ask, plus it may help you to engage with the client and build a relationship that can be beneficial to you and the business in the future.

  1. Check if they take sugar or sweetener

Some clients may be quite particular about whether they have sugar or sweetener in their brew. It is always nice to offer both to show some thought and consideration.

  1. Make sure you have a clean and presentable tray, plus coasters

Presentation at this point is key. Make sure the tray you use is clean and presentable and you have some coasters to place the cup on. Be careful not to spill the drink, again, this could make a bad impression!

  1. Finally, don’t trip up!

Possibly the most important step; don’t trip up, especially in front of the client! If you’re worried about carrying numerous drinks and opening doors whilst carrying them, ask a colleague to help you. 

So that’s the first of our ‘how to’ blogs, which just goes to show how important something as seemingly insignificant as making a cup of tea can be when it comes to building good client relationships.  If you would like to come and share a cup of tea with our PR, design or social media team, please drop us a line at

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