Our Top Three Christmas Adverts of 2023 and Lessons for B2B Companies

It’s the season to be…watching Christmas TV ads!  There's no escaping them - big brands spend millions of pounds on them every year, and everyone has an opinion on their favourite.

Here, our PR and Social Media Executive Courtney, gives her thoughts on her favourite Christmas TV adverts of 2023. Whilst she dives into the much anticipated Christmas ad campaigns, she also shares what business to business organisations, particularly construction and building products companies, can learn from them.

Coco-Cola Christmas Ad Campaign: The World Needs More Santas

Coca-Cola makes a festive return with their familiar branding in its 2023 Christmas Advert. Celebrating the essence of Christmas and the iconic figure of Santa Claus, the tag line 'Anyone can be Santa' emphasises the idea that the spirit of Santa resides in all of us.

The advert portrays numerous Santas engaging in everyday tasks like doing the laundry, while carrying out kind acts. Each scene unfolds with Santas assisting one another, culminating in the final Santa selflessly giving away the last bottle of Coca-Cola to another Santa. The narrative seamlessly transitions into the real world, where the theme of kindness persists as a woman holds the train door open.

This ad beautifully captures the universal theme of kindness, illustrating that the spirit of giving and goodwill is not confined to a specific time or character. The iconic red truck can be seen at the end of the Christmas Ad hinting at the famous ‘Holidays Are Coming’ campaign.

So, what are the PR lessons that b2b companies can take away from this ad?

By focusing the ad around the spirit of Christmas, Santa Claus, and the theme of kindness, Coca-Cola creates an emotional connection and demonstrates values that resonate across diverse audiences. The tagline 'Anyone can be Santa' reinforces inclusivity and the idea that everyone has the capacity for kindness.

Coca-Cola shows that aligning your brand with themes of goodwill, generosity, and relatable human experiences can help your brand create a positive image this Christmas. Donations to charities, offering discounts and exclusive promotions, foster a sense of community on social media, and, most importantly, help you connect with your audience this Christmas.

These tried and trusted PR tactics can help you to foster new connections, generate leads, increase brand awareness and divert traffic to your website.


Amazon Christmas Ad Campaign: Joy Ride

Amazon's 2023 Christmas Ad is a masterclass in evoking emotion, warmth, and love. The Christmas ad kicks off with a sweet piano melody, setting the emotional tone as the older generation observes the younger ones joyfully sledging down a snowy hill.

Thanks to Amazon, one friend discovers a solution by ordering some seat cushions for their sledges, enabling them to join in the fun. The film's powerful moments lie in the contrast between the silent scenes and the hearty laughter during the sledging, emphasising that even the small things can bring joy as they fondly reflect on their younger years.

The retail giant once again demonstrates its profound understanding of its audience, delivering a simple yet powerful concept with a festive twist that hits all the right notes. The narrative unfolds seamlessly, drawing viewers into a heartwarming journey that perfectly captures the spirit of the season and long-lasting friendship.

What PR tips can businesses take from this ad?

Amazon’s Christmas advert demonstrates the effectiveness of storytelling. If you are thinking about what your company can share on social media or your website this Christmas, focus on establishing a personal connection with your audience.

Share a memorable story, highlight team members, and demonstrate genuine emotions. Similar to this ad, avoid excessive promotion, and learn from Amazon's seamless integration, showcasing the strength of their brand message without overshadowing the storytelling. In all your campaigns, ensure a robust and clear brand message, defined objectives, and a compelling tagline.

Aldi UK Christmas Ad: Kevin and the Christmas Factory

ALDI has truly established a reputation through the success of its Kevin the Carrot Brand. This Christmas, Kevin makes a delightful comeback in their advertisement, drawing inspiration from the iconic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory film.

Infused with a nostalgic charm, the ad takes us on a journey through 'plumty dumptys,' featuring characters reminiscent of the original Willy the Wonka film and showcasing ALDI's festive offerings. The mischievous scenes include a greedy, gluttonous grape falling in a gravy river and a sulky sour rhubarb whose bubbles burst. Amidst the chaos and selfishness, Kevin the carrot stands out as the only character who grasps the true meaning of Christmas.

Playful yet brilliant, ALDI’s 2023 Christmas ad evokes a sense of familiarity, joy, and warmth in viewers.

What can businesses learn from this Christmas ad?

ALDI's Christmas ad strikes a balance between playfulness and genius, engaging viewers while still delivering a memorable PR message. The ad proves that even if your construction company is known for being formal, Christmas is a time when you can break boundaries and be more playful, allowing you to create more personal connections with your audience. Play around with humour and creativity to engage with your audience like you never have before.


Bonus: John Lewis Christmas Ad Campaign: The Perfect Tree Ad

John Lewis, renowned for its feel-good Christmas advertisements, has sparked a range of mixed reactions with its 2023 holiday campaign.  

The Christmas advertisement from John Lewis draws inspiration from the film Little Shop of Horrors, weaving a heartwarming tale of a child and an unconventional companion—a Venus flytrap. This ad undoubtedly stirs emotions as the child experiences a poignant moment of parting with his newfound friend. However, in the end, the narrative beautifully unfolds to reveal the enduring themes of love and kindness.

However, critics argue that the ads have left them uninspired and disappointed, even prompting confusion about the intended messaging. Is this a result of a lackluster ad, or have other Christmas advertisements simply surpassed and outshone the usual John Lewis standard?

What tips can you take from John Lewis' Christmas Ad?

In an attempt to display innovative concepts, there is a risk of not resonating with all audiences. While the ad may resonate emotionally, it may not have a universal appeal. And as John Lewis has consistently released highly anticipated Christmas ads in the past, there is a risk of brand saturation or not meeting expectations.

So, as long as your brand stays true to your core identity and values then you will be able to maintain and deliver a clear and cohesive message.


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