5 top tips for engaging with architects

Run a targeted Linkedin campaign

Linkedin is the social media channel most widely used and influential for reaching architects.  Running an organic Linkedin campaign for your company can make a huge difference and can help you to engage with architects and developers.  In a recent survey, 89% of architects said they use Linkedin to find out about brands and companies.  You want your brand to be at the front of their mind and therefore posting updates to Linkedin two to three times per week is imperative.

The first step is to share case studies on Linkedin, with quality photography, this can achieve a high level of engagement.  It is a good idea to mention any architects, main contractors and developers that you have been working with on the project. 

It may also be worthwhile to join a couple of the architects’ groups on Linkedin, where you can see what discussions are taking place and engage in these, wherever relevant. 

We have had great success running Linkedin campaigns – organic and with PPC, helping building products companies to achieve better engagement with architects.  Take a look at our latest construction case studies.

Host a CPD/webinar

A tried and trusted method of engaging with architects is to host a webinar or CPD for specifiers.  Often these are run as live webinars online and with the option for them to be recorded for people to view afterwards. 

These should be on key topics such as sustainability, building regulations, meeting performance requirements or how to specify a particular system or material.  We recommend promoting a webinar extensively through social media to achieve lots of interest before and link to the content afterwards. 

We often produce an e-newsletter for architects on behalf of clients to inform them when a new webinar is taking place. We have also run CPDs in association with RIBA, which are very effective in targeting top architecture firms. If you would like help with producing or promoting a webinar or CPD, please get in touch with our team hello@dragonflypr.co.uk

Make the most of case studies – written and video

There is nothing more powerful than a high-quality written case study that demonstrates the quality of your products and services, especially if you have a written testimonial from developers or architects.  Here at Dragonfly PR we write a number of case studies and can recommend experienced architectural photographers to really bring projects to life.  We also produce video case studies on behalf of our building product clients that are hosted on their Youtube channels.  Recently we have supported clients by creating video case studies of some of their flagship projects, which we script, edit and professionally produce and host on their Youtube channel.  Web traffic for some video case studies have run into the tens of thousands.

For more details of how we produce written and video case studies, email our team hello@dragonflypr.co.uk.

Be seen as the experts

Thought leadership articles are essential for positioning you as the experts in what you do.  We have 20 years’ experience of writing technical articles that target specifiers, on a range of subjects from building regulations Part L, F, B through to fire safety, sustainability, thermal performance and ventilation.  We ensure maximum publicity and value is gained from thought leadership articles, this includes offering them as an exclusive to trade magazines, plus redrafting them as blogs for the website. 

Another way to secure more coverage on a case study is to re-purpose the material for e-newsletters, taking quotes from the case studies to use on social media and producing infographics based on the information.

Organic SEO keyword research

When we start working with a client that wishes to target architects and developers the first step is for our team to review the keywords on their website.   After doing this, we recommend a list of long and short tail keywords, with a view to increasing their Google ranking and generating more traffic to their website.  Our SEO team works closely with our content marketing team to ensure that we build SEO enriched content into the website, into blogs and case studies, achieving the maximum impact online.

For more information on how the Dragonfly PR team can help you to raise your profile with architects, email hello@dragonflypr.co.uk or call 0114 349 5341.

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 For more information on how the Dragonfly PR team can help you to raise your profile with architects, email hello@dragonflypr.co.uk or call 0114 349 5341.

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