Planning a PR or digital marketing campaign for 2021 - we can help

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for many businesses.  The first lockdown, the re-opening of the economy in summer, the introduction of the government’s tier system and then a second national lockdown.  It’s no wonder construction and manufacturing businesses are reviewing their PR and digital marketing campaigns and looking for a clear campaign plan for the year ahead.  And the good news is the Dragonfly PR team is here and ready to help!  Here we give our top tips for planning a great PR or digital marketing campaign for the year ahead.

Look at what has worked over the past two years and what has not

Like the old saying goes if you always do the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. 

Review all aspects of your marketing, digital marketing, PPC, PR and Organic SEO.

What have been the successes this year and where were the weaknesses?  Has Covid-19 meant that you needed to focus on one channel eg online, rather than another, for example, events or to completely shift your approach.  It could be a good time for an external PR & digital marketing agency like Dragonfly PR, to review this with you and to make a number of recommendations for the year ahead.   The buyer/seller landscape may look somewhat different for 2021 and you will need to readjust your marketing to take account of this.

Put your exhibition budget to good use

Do you normally invest in exhibitions as a way to spread your sales and marketing messages? Obviously, there will be uncertainties about the year ahead with some physical exhibitions cancelled and becoming virtual and some not taking place it all.  It’s worth considering whether virtual exhibitions are going to work for you, or would you be better investing that budget into webinars, PR or Organic SEO? 

Consider whether this is still a valid area of your marketing spend and what the alternatives could be.

Critique your own social media and effectiveness

Ask yourself the question, are you making the best use of your social media channels?   Review the number of followers you have gained this year and the level of engagement.  Are you on some channels, for example, Facebook that you don’t feel are adding any value to your business?

Alternatively, are you not on others, such as Instagram or Twitter, and feel now the time might be right to start building a following?  Whatever your social media requirements, our team can create a social media strategy for the year ahead and give you an idea of what results you could expect by six and 12 months.

Expand your horizons

What markets will you target in 2021 and beyond?  Are there any new global markets opening to you that could be worth exploring?  Have you done any research and can you see any similarities between the type of customers in one market and another? 

A Public Relations campaign can be specifically tailored to one or more international markets and the Dragonfly PR team can help you to launch your products or services on a global basis.  We work with many manufacturing and other b2b companies that trade with the international markets and we have the media contacts globally to be able to achieve great results.  If you’d like more information, please speak to our team on 0114 349 5341 or email:

Dare to be different

It can be counter-intuitive to follow too closely what competitors are doing.  You want to be seen as a market leader, not follower and following too precisely what others do may not work for you.  Through a consistent Public Relations campaign we can demonstrate the core values of your business and what makes it different from others.  We can help you to identify your strengths and to present these in a clear, distinctive way to customers through a PR strategy.

For more help and support with your PR and digital marketing in 2021, get in touch with the Dragonfly PR team via email: or tel 0114 349 5341.

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