PR strategy builds trust in technology brands

Technology is changing most industry sectors, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) leading the charge. In fact, McKinsey reports that around 20% of companies around the world now use AI in some form. The number of large firms moving into AI and start-ups that achieve phenomenal growth continues to drive this revolution. As a PR agency, we now work with a growing number of technology firms looking to take advantage of this huge market potential. All are  achieving impressive growth.

It’s one of the reasons why we now have a dedicated team that focuses on delivering PR strategy to technology companies.

A question we are commonly asked by technology companies is; how do we communicate the benefits of a technical subject like AI or Computer Vision to potential customers?

It’s a good question because, for example, advertising, which relies on simple high impact messages about a product or service, doesn’t really get across what technology can do. For instance, Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence can help a manufacturing business improve productivity, or improve quality control or help manage inventory. Without explaining this in good quality written content including customer testimonials, it’s always going to be difficult getting it across using traditional means like advertising.

The main reasons why PR and written content work better is because manufacturing and construction companies using our clients’ technologies need to trust what they are reading in a trade magazine or searching online.  A decision to use any new technology, which can involve significant changes in a business, is, we know, not taken lightly.

Our answer to the question is that when it comes to AI and other forms of new technology such as computer vision and machine learning, a PR campaign works best because it builds trust in our client’s platforms. When we say PR strategy, what we really mean is a Communications strategy where PR is an important element of the mix, alongside Content creation, SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Our technology clients also know it’s not about brand building a brand, either, good that that is. Rather, because the tech sector is so fast changing, the clients we work with are more interested in generating sales leads (Sales Qualified Leads) – and the best way of doing that is to use PR and quality content to get potential customers to ‘trust’  the technology that they have developed.

The clients we work with – many of them offering Computer Vision AI, machine learning, blockchain, digital twin, virtual reality (VR) – like the fact that we offer them an integrated approach, meaning PR is one element of the overall communications strategy. The other elements, Content, SEO and Search Engine Marketing, all come together to create a powerful method of targeting potential customers and generating sales leads.

Just like PR, social media is an essential part of this overall communications strategy. Again, the strategy is focused on building trust in our clients’ technology platforms; spelling out exactly what benefit it offers, why AI / machine learning / price optimisation / industrial analytics is right for their business and why it helps them outperform competitors.

Social media is, again, an important part of the communications strategy, providing a place to promote bite-sized pieces of content that engender and build up trust with our clients’ potential customers.

The PR or communications strategy is also informed by our content creation: blog posts, e-books, links to first-hand reports from customers, roundtables and solus emails. The approach is actionable, educational content. The results are increased numbers of sales leads.

Our latest client in the technology sector is Empiric.AI, an innovative provider of AI-powered Computer Vision and advanced analytics solutions aimed at health & safety professionals and industrial businesses. We provide an integrated communications strategy including PR, SEO, content creation, back link strategy and SEM.

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