Public Relations for Construction: the pros and cons

We are often told by clients that they are spending a lot on advertising and are not sure of the results they are getting. It’s a common observation especially by marketing managers in the construction and building products sector.

Advertising does work although it is expensive, which is why we always recommend that clients focus on a PR campaign and have a dedicated advertising schedule that just supports 1-2 of the main magazines in their market. The fact that we are able to create PR strategies for construction firms means that they can reduce their dependency on advertising.

There are many reasons to invest in a Public Relations campaign. PR, for starters, conveys a much more independent and therefore more convincing message compared to advertising. Whilst advertising, albeit expensive, can be useful to support a PR campaign, especially at the launch of a new product.

In terms of the difference between PR and advertising in the construction sector, it is best to look at them in terms of duration. PR is much less expensive and delivers better value for money than advertising (it has been shown that PR is 7 times more effective in comparison), which means you, or your chosen PR agency, can put together a long term strategy that is implemented over 12 months or more.

Advertising for construction companies doesn’t really work like that. It’s more of a short term blitz of a specific sales message. Similar to a trade show or exhibition, it can work if you get it in front of the right specifier at the right time, although you have to accept that much of it won’t be effective. As John Wanamaker, a successful US businessman said; ‘Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.’

The PR strategies we manage for our construction clients have a clear focus on increasing enquiries to their websites. And, being seven times more effective than advertising, it is a better way of building a presence with specifiers, architects or contractors without burning up your budget in a few weeks.

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